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One of the most awaited Nepali movies of this season, ‘Apabad’ was finally got released in Nepal on Friday, June 15, 2012. After the successful releases abroad, the directorial debut of Subash Koirala was finally released inside Nepal. The movie features Raj Ballav Koirala and Nisha Adhikari in a lead roles.



Apabad is a story of Suyog who dreams to be a writer of a novel. Being a student of business, his father however wants him to start a job in a bank and start making good sum of money. One of his best friend and one-sided love, Sunanda, had the similar suggestion to him. But, he his desire to be a writer and making a career as a novel writer prevails and he decided to oppose his father’s dream of making him a banker. Suyog wanted to go to the UK to study but, he later found that the college he enrolled was one of the blacklisted colleges. The overwhelming frustration caused him to try suicide by jumping into a river. After he jumped into the river, he was washed to a bank where there aren’t any people in the nearby vicinity. Away from technology and the crowd, he was left to do whatever he likes. To know, what happen to Suyog, his suicide attempt, and the budding writer within him it is worthwhile to visit the theater and know first-hand.

Strength and Weakness:

The producer of the movie, Sushan Prajapati, is also the cinematographer of the movie in which he has done a very good work. His great effort can be felt throughout the movie. Music is another strong key point in the movie. The melody of all the songs feel good and they won’t let you feel boring. New music director Ujjwal Meghi Gurung has done an excellent work in this front and one won’t feel that this was his debut as a music director.

One of the weakest points of the movie is that the major part of the first half is inspired by the Hollywood movie ‘Cast Away’. The scenes after Suyog reaching the bank of the river, are very much similar to that in ‘Cast Away’. One of the bold move by the director is that he has clearly mentioned the similarity of the scene in casting. Kudos to the disclaimer and admittance of the source of the influence on the scene.

The story is another good point and many youths in our society can replace the lead character by themselves. It has addressed a number aspects like the roles and responsibilities of guardians towards their children and vice versa. It also touches the aspect of the traditional thoughts of career and study.

Director, Subash Koirala, has done a very good job for his first directorial venture. The story is a bit different from many of the old and new Nepali movies. Koirala has been successful in presenting the movie by justifying the role and story without attempting to add unwanted masala type of contents. To sum up, it is a clean and concise movie.

Star Cast:

This movie is Raj Ballav Koirala’s another fine work. I believe ‘Apabad’ will be named as his remarkable movie on his career after his first hit ‘Parkhi Basein’. As the character Suyog, his monologue dialogue delivery sounds realistic and gives life to the dialogues. Although he was less than great in some of the scenes, he has done appreciable acting in overall.

Nisha Adhikari as Sunanda looks good as usual. Although, there is no such thing as a challenging role for Sunanda’s character she has justified her role. In the role of the father of Suyog, Rabi Giri, has also done a good work. Although good throughout the movie, in the climax scene all of the three actors have failed to live up to their expectation. They don’t seem to portray  real emotions and the acting also doesn’t seem realistic at that time. In the climax, the facial expression seem neutral, in sharp contrast to the situation. It seems, the director was tired of doing the tiring job and was in a hurry to end the movie.

As a guest appurtenance, one of the talented director, Nishchal basnet, is also seen in a small role as a reporter.


‘Apabad’ is a great attempt by a new team of film makers. With a good story and good star cast, ‘Apabad’ is well made. Although, the movie is made by the inspiration of other movies, the director had placed a disclaimer as an excuses. It is no secret that many Nepali movies copy scenes, posters, story, and other aspects, this is the first and fair attempt to admit the influence from other movies. Because of being a serious type and slow paced movie with the lack of masala type of contents, regular viewers of Nepali cinema may not like the movie. Today’s young and viewers from cities might like it and the movie might do a good business in city areas.

To sum up, ‘Apabad’ can be treated as a good example of a fine work by new team of Subash Koirala, Sushan Prajapati and Ujjwal Meghi Gurung. If you have watched ‘Cast Away’ you feel like you have already seen some of the scenes in the first half. But, it is a completely new movie.

A must watch movie!

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