Nepali Movie – Aawaran

Nepali Movie – Aawaran
Starring – Priyanka Karki, Divya Dev, Sushilraj Pandey, Naresh Poudel, Rashmi Bhatta, Rajan Ishan etc.
Director Subash Koirala

About ‘Aawaran’

The Nepali movie ‘Aawaran’ starts with a mystery behind a murder. Priyanka Karki as featured as Shubani in lead role. The script of the movie is written by Anil Yonjan, cinematography by Hari Humagain. Music and Lyrics by Swapnil sharma (Shadows band), Babu Bogati, Kasam Nepal, Sailendra Singh, Shailesh Shrestha. Playback singing by Babu Bogati, Hemanta Rana, Suzeeta Gurung, Priyanka Karki and Yama Buddha. The movie was released on May 16, 2014. The movie is a presentation of Air Crew Production.

Watch ‘Aawaran’ full Nepali movie:
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Nepali Movie – Apabad

Nepali Movie – Apabad
Starring – Raj Ballav Koirala, Nisha Adhikari, Rabi Giri, Bijaya Giri etc.
Director – Subash Koirala

The Nepali movie ‘Apabad’ marks the debut of the director Subash Koirala. ‘Apabad’ is a presentation of Sushan Prajapati and in addition to direction, Subash has also written the story and the script of the movie. The movie was released on June 15, 2012. At that time, we had written the review of ‘Apabad’. In the review our reviewer Raunak Niraula had told that the movie is a ‘Must watch movie’. Visit this post – pre-release review of ‘Apabad’ posted before the release of the movie, for the technical details.

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First look of Punte Parade released

The first look poster of ‘Sayaad’ actor Samyam Puri‘s next movie ‘Punte Parade’ was released recently. In the comedy movie, Smyam is featured in 11 different characters.

Video: shooting of a ‘Punte Parade’ song featuring Samyam and Priyanka Karki:

‘Punte Parade’ is directed by Subash Koirala and features Priyanka Karki in a special role. With Samyam, the movie features Angila Dahal, Rabindra Khadka, Nilu Doma Sherpa, Sweta Thapa, and Gita Adhikari. Singer Nattu Shah is also debuting in the movie. The movie produced by Hari Mahat is scheduled to release on July 18, 2014.

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Friday Release, Aawaran, Thulo Manche, Khudkilo and Pipal

Four new movies are being released on May 16, 2014 in theaters all over Nepal. Director Subash Koirala‘s movie ‘Aawaran’,  director Prashant Tamang’s direction ‘Thulo Manche’, Niranjan Kasaju’s movie ‘Peepal’ and Janakraj Khakurel’s movie ‘Khudkilo’ are releasing in theater this Friday.


The most publicized movies among the four new releases is ‘Aawaran’. The movie directed by Subash Koirala is also told to be made by using latest graphic technology. The movie features actress Priyanka Karki in leading role and other actors in the movie include Divya Dev, Sushil Raj Pandey, Naresh poudel, Anubhav Regmi and others. The movie made on horror suspense thriller is produced by Anil Yonjan.

aawaran poster (2)

Thulo Manche

A movie made on a story of children, ‘Thulo Manche’ is directed by artist Prashant Tamang. The movie produced by Pradeep Khadka features a number of child artists. Actress Keki Adhikari is featured in guest role in the movie.

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Priyanka Karki, the choreographer and an item girl in Punte Parade

In addition to being a good actress, Priyanka Karki is also a good dancer. In an upcoming movie ‘Punte Parade’ she is going to choreograph a song that features herself in a part and the item girl Sabbu Balami.

The shooting of the item song was done in Babylon Dance Bar. While the item girl dances, the actor Samyam Puri imagines Sabbu to be Priyanka and he starts dancing with Priyanka.

Shooting video (Priyanka’s part):

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Samyam Puri to be Punte in Punte Parade

The producer of ‘I am Sorry’, Hari Lamsal, has announced a new movie titled ‘Punte Parade’. The movie to be made on a social drama story will feature actor Samyam Puri in the leading role. Samyam is going to be featured as an 18-years-old guy who has his own vision of the society and the environment.

Other actors in the movie include Nattu Shah, Rabindra Khadka, Anjila Dahal, Gita Adhikari, Sweta Thapa. Nattu has gained popularity by posting videos in YouTube. The movie being directed by Subash Koirala and written by Shan Basnet will also feature actress Priyanka Karki in a special appearance.

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Priyanka Karki to be featured in Awaran

The director of ‘Apabad’, Subash Koirala is starting a new movie named ‘Awaran’. The movie was announced in a program held on June 10 in Kathmandu. Actress Priyanka Karki is going to be featured in the lead role in the movie. The movie will also feature Divya Dev, Sushilraj Pandey, Naresh Poudel, Rabi Giri and Rashmi Bhatta in main roles.

The movie is told to be made in an unusual plot. Talking in the program Priyanka told that her role is different from other movies and it is challenging.

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Movie Review – Apabad

Also visitPre-release review of ‘Apabad’.

One of the most awaited Nepali movies of this season, ‘Apabad’ was finally got released in Nepal on Friday, June 15, 2012. After the successful releases abroad, the directorial debut of Subash Koirala was finally released inside Nepal. The movie features Raj Ballav Koirala and Nisha Adhikari in a lead roles.


Apabad is a story of Suyog who dreams to be a writer of a novel. Being a student of business, his father however wants him to start a job in a bank and start making good sum of money. One of his best friend and one-sided love, Sunanda, had the similar suggestion to him. But, he his desire to be a writer and making a career as a novel writer prevails and he decided to oppose his father’s dream of making him a banker. Suyog wanted to go to the UK to study but, he later found that the college he enrolled was one of the blacklisted colleges. The overwhelming frustration caused him to try suicide by jumping into a river. After he jumped into the river, he was washed to a bank where there aren’t any people in the nearby vicinity. Away from technology and the crowd, he was left to do whatever he likes. To know, what happen to Suyog, his suicide attempt, and the budding writer within him it is worthwhile to visit the theater and know first-hand.

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Nepali Movie – Apabad (pre-release review)

Nepali movie ‘Apabad’ is released on  June 15, 2012. The movie directed by Subash Koirala features Raj Ballav Koirala, Nisha Adhikari, Rabi Giri, and Bijaya Giri in leading roles.

The movie features the cinematoraphy of Sushan Prajapati, music direction of Ujjwal Meghi Gurung, editing of Raju Dhungana, story/script of Subash Koirala, and dialogue of  Subash Koirala, Ujjawal Meghi, Shekhar Gyawali and Upendra Lamichhane.

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