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After watching the new movie Batch No.16, I think, it’s director Pitambar Pandey has proven that a successful movie can be made after film related education and proper experience. Film making is different from making a music video or a television serial. Batch No.16 is another flick in which the film crew has shown that, we have the technology required to make good movie and all our movies lack is the concept and a good story.

The Story

Batch No.16 is a story of two friends working in APF. Ram Karki and Guru Basnet are true childhood friends working in APF’s Batch No.16. The Batch No.16 got a mission to catch an international gang of Hakim. Hakim, based in Pokhara, was planning bomb blasts. After Ram and Guru’s successful nabbing of Hakim and having 10 crore money in their control, a conflict started between the friends. The conflict takes the story of the movie to a new turning. One of the friends wants to follow the law and be loy al to nation whereas, other wants to kill Hakim and share money.

The first part of the movie goes smoothly but, after the interval movie slows down a bit. The viewers may feel that the story of the movie is being lengthened unnecessarily. Due to the lack of entertaining stuffs, the second half of the movie is somewhat tasteless. The entry of Guru (Arpan Thapa) adds a bit of spice to the viewers.


The director, Pitambar Pandey, has done a good job in his first venture. Although, he had failed to show his talents in some of the scenes, in overall he has done justice to the theme of the movie. The ending of the movie is not as effective as expected in such type of movies. In one scene, when Ram gets injured and is treated by villagers the scene looks familiar as such scenes are common in Hindi and Nepali movies. The director should have used his creativity in such scenes.


The actors have done a great job in the movie. Arpan Thapa’s role and acting is memorable and he can be considered one of the pillars of the movie. Every scenes featuring Arpan is entertaining.


***** ********’s music is being appreciated by the music enthustics and viewers. Background music of Kichaa M Chitrakar is also excellent. The action part of the movie is made strong by the background music. The action however is not as good as it could have been because of the use of the styles usually seen in other action movies.

Dialogue and other aspects of the movie

The dialogues of Pradip Bhardwaj is one of the strongest point in the Batch No 16. He has used the languages used by general public and language common within Nepali police force. The dialogues, especially that of police officers, have made the characters more realistic. Slang words are used in dialogues to make the movie interesting.

Choreography of Reenasha Rai couldn’t create magic and it has nothing special or new. That might be because of the lack of suitable songs. The kissing scene of the Arpan and Sushma has also got a point and appreciable. This can add a plus point in Nepali film industry. Cinematography of Pursottam Pradhan is excellent.

As a whole, Batch No.16 is a movie with a simple story. The movie might not be a huge success due to the lacks entertainment spices. But, it is sure that many will appreciate the movie. The effort of Pitambar and role of Arpan Thapa will surely give you a feeling that your ticket money didn’t go waste.


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7 thoughts on “Movie Review – Batch No.16

  1. no matta wht da world sayz…bt dis movie z 1 of da best movies ever…u guyz hav don a gr8 job…each indiviual has don a gr8 job….indeed…proud of u guyz,,,kip up da gud work,,,

  2. it was gud…Anup/Arpan Baral’s acting is superb..and the background music simply gr8…i along with 6 of my frens really enjoyed it !! it feels gud when nepali movies r getting better in technical aspects…keep it up !!!

  3. mr pandey
    u hv tried 2 make a film bt in my opinion u hvnt made it yr.
    hw cn the hero mr ram karki reach a tharu village……. if evrything ws happend in the premises of pokhra.
    i hd a hope bt couldnt c my hope fulfilled.
    puru hv done a great job..
    as being a student of liteature plz try 2 give ur time in script…………..
    best of luck for ur future.

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