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After struggle in fixing the release date, ‘Malati Ko Bhatti’ was finally released in about 56 theatres all over Nepal. ‘Malati Ko Bhatti’ is the debut directorial venture of Ganesh Dev Pandey featuring actors/actresses Rekha Thapa, Jiwan Luitel, Nandita KC and Sunil Thapa in main roles.

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The movie ‘Malati Ko Bhatti’ is the story of Aditya Sharma (Jiwan Luitel) frustrated with his life due to his unsuccessful love-marriage. Aditya’s wife, Sabitri (Nandita K C) is more fascinated towards parties, clubs, casino and gambling rather than her family. Aditya drinks a lot and becomes addicted to alcohol. He met Malati (Rekha Thapa) while visiting a small bar owned by her and known as Malati ko Bhatti. While visiting the Bhatti, Aditya and Malati got attracted towards each other and started a relationship.

The story took a twist when Aditya was beaten by some gangsters and was admitted to a hospital. When he recovered from the wounds and got out of hospital he couldn’t find Sabitri or Malati in the town. I wouldn’t like to ruin your movie viewing experience by telling what happened to Sabitri and Malati. It is worth the watch to know first hand what did Aditya did after that.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

‘Malati Ko Bhatti’ has everything a movie can have, namely – melodious music, action, love, tragedy, suspense and comedy. The new director, Ganesh Dev Pandey, has also been successful in including all these contents in a balanced way. However, the movie is still not as good as expected.

Execution of the story in the movie is not new and the screenplay is also not so strong. Based on the publicity and Ganesh Dev Pandey’s some Bollywood experience hype, much more was expected from the movie.  The movie starts slowly and nicely but, as it moves forward movie becomes tasteless. None of the characters are justified properly. After the interval, the movie loses its track and it is unnecessarily lengthen with unnecessary scenes.

Strengths of ‘Malati Ko Bhatti’ include:

  • Kali Prasad Baskota’s music
  • Rekha Thapa’s role
  • Sanjay Lama’s cinematography


  • The movie feels like every other masala movie
  • Screenplay is weak
  • There is no proper justification characters and their relationships
  • After interval same song is played often in background
  • Weak background score
  • For comedy, characters from television serials are borrowed and there is nothing fresh.

Star Casts:

Rekha Thapa is featured as the central character in the movie, Malati. Rekha has done a good job in terms her looks and dialogue delivery. Although Rekha doesn’t offer anything new, she has done good job according to the screenplay.

Nandita KC’s role as the wife of Jiwan Luitel is average. She looks beautiful but her performance is average, as usual. Jiwan Luitel’s performance is also not so impressive. He hasn’t been able to portray himself as a drunkard. Jiwan has worn the same facial expression throughout the movie. Actor Ayub KC has also got a short but impressive role in the movie.

‘Malati Ko Bhatti’ is an average movie.

The fans of Rekha Thapa and Jeewan Luitel will surely love it but, there is not much hope from others. The movie doesn’t have anything new and creative for the young audience.

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