Sherlyn Chopra tweets nudes, to be featured in Playboy

Bollywood actress are moving ahead in the so called ‘Laxman Rekha’ of decency and is posing for the nude magazine Playboy.

Sherlyn has gone as far as posting the photos of her shooting in her Twitter account. Although the microblogging website doesn’t allow such photos, she has managed to post and her followers have downloaded he photos with the shooting crews of Playboy. The photos however have been removed now and are not available in the Twitter posts. It is not know if Sherlyn herself had removed them or Twitter had deleted them.

It is to be noted that Sherlyn was previously banned posting photos in Twitter.  I guess, she is still asking the same question she asked at that time: "Where has my pic disappeared? "

With those photoshots, Sherlyn has become the first Indian to be featured in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine.  In her Twitter posts Sherlyn has told that she felt proud to be the first Indian to be featured in the magazine: "Proud to be the first Indian to do it."

In the photo featuring Sherlyn with the Playboy owner Hugh Hefner, Sherlyn said: "The most compassionate man on planet earth!" and she added in another post, "Even at 87,he knows how to be an effortless charmer!!!"

Talking about the photo shot her featuring in the magazine, Sherlyn told that today’s youth are ‘racing towards liberalization’ and "being unconventional in your choices is no longer a taboo."

Following is the screenshot of Sherlyn’s twitter page showing the photos now removed from the account (screenshot credits Hindustan Times).


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