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Nepali movie Phool is released all over Nepal on May 4, 2012. We had posted a pre-release review of ‘Phool’ earlier.

Featuring a lot of big star casts, New Nepali film ‘Phool’ is released all over Nepal. ‘Phool’ is the directorial venture of Shiva Regmi, popular of directing entertaining and emotional movies. ‘Phool’ features Raj Ballav Koirala, Niraj Baral, Garima Pant, Nir Shah and Yuvaraj Lama in leading roles.



‘Phool’ is a story of two army officers Dorje Lama and Birdhoj Karki. Both dream of getting married and living happily in a small house. Both of them both fell in love with a owner of a hotel, named Maya. Maya promised to marry both of them but eventually, she elopes with someone else. The frustrated two decided not to marry in their lives. In a temple of Hanuman, Dorje and Birodhoj found a new born child and took the child home as a God gift. The child Ashmi (played by Garima Pant) grows up to become a beautiful young girl.  Attracted to the beauty of Ashmi, two boys, Rahul (Niraj baral) and Avisekh (Raj Ballav Koirala), start chasing her. There is a twist in the story in the movie when Ashmi, Rahul and Avisekh met an unknown women. You need to go to theatre to get all these answers.

Strength and Weakness:

One of the strength of this movie is artists – good actors performing their best. Actors like Nir Shah, Yuvraj Lama, Raj Ballav Koirala, Niraj Baral, Kiran K.C, and Raja Ram Paudel have performed very well in the movie. The first half of the movie goes well with fun and jokes. The chemistry between Nir Shah and Yuvraj Lama is superb and they have done an appreciable work. Although it is full of old jokes (nothing new or original) but, they will surely bring smile on your face.

The story also seems like interesting and new but, that was until the first half of the movie was finished. After the interval, the script starts to get weaker and the story starts to become more predictable. Second half is plagued with the usual Bollywood flavored scenes and climax. The curiosity and excitement during the first half fades after the interval.

Cinematography of Shambhu Sapkota doesn’t offer something new to talk about. Background score of Samrat Thapa can also be considered a below average work. Although Shiva Regmi and Bikas Acharya has tried hard to make the movie funny they failed to keep the script as good in the second half. One can also feel the lack of emotional connect between the characters in the film.

One of the most important thing of this movie is its music director, Rekha Paudel. She is the first female music director who had composed all the songs of ‘Phool’. Although the expectation to hear some good and fresh tunes were not fulfilled the female music director is not less than most of the other male music directors. There aren’t any good songs in the movie to talk about.

Star Cast:

As mentioned above, one of the strong parts of this movie is the collection of some good actors of Nepali movie industry. Nir Shah and Yuvraj Lama have done a very good job in their role. Raj Ballav Koirala has also done justice to his role. Raj Ballav’s comic timing,  facial experience, and good chemistry with Niraj baral is appreciable. Facial expression of Niraj Baral however is not up to the mark .

The lead actress, Garima Panta, doesn’t have a significant role in the movie. Garima has done an average work, as as usual. Kiran K.C, Raja Ram Paudyal has got short and sweet role to help lighten up the mood. Srijana Basnet, playing Maya’s role, has also done an average work.


‘Phool’ is an average flower in the Nepali movie garden. The first part of the movie is funny and interesting but that fun and excitement fades away in the second half. With an average story, cinematography, music, editing and direction; in overall the movie is average. The movie ‘Phool’ can be considered a big disappointment from the director Shiva Regmi who has offered a number of super hit movies in the past.

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