Nepali Movie – Phool, Pre-release review

Nepali movie ‘Phool’ is releasing on  May 4, 2012. The movie directed by Shiva Regmi features Raj Ballav Koirala, Garima Pant, Niraj Baral, Nir Shah, Yuvaraj Lama, and Srijana Basnet in leading roles. The movie features the cinematography of Shambhu Sapkota, music direction of Rekha Paudel, editing of Bipin Malla, story of Shiva Regmi, script of Shiva Regmi and Bikash Acharya, and the dialogue of Shiva Regmi and Bikash Acharya.

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Crew Background:

Raj Ballav Koirala is one of the most preferred actor at the present scenario of Nepali film industry. He is popular among the youths as well as to the regular Nepali movie viewers. Niraj Baral is another actor who entered to the film industry from “Kusume Rumal” (the new sequel movie) and is in need of few hit movies to secure his career in film industry. Garima Panta is seen as a lead actress in “Phool”. Although she has done a lot of movies, none of them have been remarkable in helping her in establishing herself as a strong actress. Her latest movie “Bhaihalcha Ni” couldn’t do good business and the success or failure of this movie might be very important for her career.

Shiva Regmi is famous for movies with lot of emotions and pains. Regmi is known for making movies on topics of family, love and relationships. He has directed a number of super hit movies but, for the last few years all of his movies have failed to do decent business. Shiva’s last movie “Saathi Ma Timro” also couldn’t do good business.

Movie and the media response

By observing the promo, ‘Phool’ seems to be a triangular love story. One can guess that the movie is a story of a girl who represents the nature of a flower as an innocent and keeps happy to other by sacrificing its life. It’s a told to be a family entertaining movie. By the information we have received, “Phool” is a story of a girl who is compared with a flower as she sacrifices her self to give happiness to others life.

The movie has got an average media response. There is no such craze established among the audiences before its release. Such lukewarm response may have been caused due to the lack of good music and promo. The movie’s pre release response can be termed as average.

Video trailer:

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  1. please do post the full song of phool , a phool aphool. i like it so much, but i dont found it in youtube.

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