Namrata Shrestha video incident: Lesson to be learnt

It was a sad incident that an intimate video of Namrata Shrestha and Kichaa Man Chitrakaar (DJ Tantrik) was released to the general public. They were aspiring artists in Nepali film and music industries. That might be the reason they got overwhelming response from Nepali people at home and those living all around the world. After a similar incident involving singer Prakash Ojha this was the second biggest sex scandal in Nepal. I don’t know weather Namrata and Tantrik forgot about Prakash Ojha incident or choose to ignore it.

Apart from these events there are many such videos being released from time to time in discussion forums. Those people, being unknown to general public, do not attract that much attention. But the person involved do not get less pain and frustration than the well known persons like Namrata or Ojha. It is not only the person who is seen in the video; there are whole lot of persons, like spouses, children, friends, and relatives, who are affected by such incidents. Our society is not that advanced to digest such acts released to public. So, care should be exercised while taking such photos or videos. Damage once done can not be reversed.

Some suggestions, that I can think of now are:

  • Never take videos or photos of your intimate moments. If you have such photos or video destroy them. Real things are better than the recorded moments.
  • If you want to keep them for yourself store them securely. Do not share them even with the closest ones. You never know when the ‘closest’ person distance him/herself. There are various encrypting software, lockers etc.
  • Don’t trust internet. Do not post your personal data online. Sites like Google, WayBackMachine keep archive of almost all of the sites found in the internet. There is also no guarantee that social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, hi5 or others could not be accessed by unauthorized persons even if you have only a few friends in the account. There have been various reports that recruiters do their background checks on such sites. Many of them don’t delete your personal data even if you delete your account. So, you never know when your past comes hunting back to you.
  • Delete your private information before you take your computer, mobile phone or camera to repair shops.
  • Don’t share others intimate and private photos, videos or other information. Such action creates unnecessary pain to the victim and feeling of guilt on you. One should always see oneself from the victim’s perspective.

These are some of the things I could think of now. Please add more of your suggestions in the comment.

Even if the information is leaked, as in Namrata’s case, it is not the end of the world. Every thing happens for ones own good. If they can be creative enough they can cash it out in positive ways. Paris Hilton is a living example of it. Now, don’t say Nepal is no West. I don’t mean to be a copycat. There might be ways…(I am feeling like I am not creative enough :). Any idea?

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26 thoughts on “Namrata Shrestha video incident: Lesson to be learnt

  1. Lakhau kollywood fan lie niras parne gari sarbajanik vayako namratako video bartaman nepali samajle pachauna garai manla.

  2. hi guys!

    hi Namrata Actually what you really did you don’t worry about it, you know that, this kind of things it’s very simple, now in this world, in fact if you will be very Inosence, so you will never been get successfull, just get more peace….
    that’s It!

  3. thikai 6 kkoi pani man6e sexbina bachna sakdaina tara sabaile sex garepani flace ra open hundaina tara ki pani chokh 6aina… namrata tmle openly garyau no prolem…. ok bye…

  4. timro video 2times hereko dami lagyo tara maile socheko thina ki timi yati khatra pani garna sak6u bhanera
    its very very very hot
    keep it up bye

  5. maile first patak herda patyaar nai lagena, nepali flim industry ko udauda tara mathi bvhaye ko ek rup ma byaijatti nai samjhinchhu. maile ek patak namrata lai nai comment submit garna reqst garchhu, yo mero matra hoina ma lagayet sampurna nepali yuwa ko manas patal ma aljhiyeko gambhir prashna ho. Waiting for her opinion……………………

  6. Namrata has not made any mistake…she sudn’t worry about it…it is the big mistake of the person who leaked this video…and she sud never let it record the video….she has her own personal life…but we sud not say anything bad to her rather we should support her…therefore we strongly need to support her and let her be strong to start her career again………..

  7. i think it was her in the first place….what she did was her mistake and nobody can trust anybody in this world. i think she was blindly in love with that guy or maybe she was drunk???????????
    who does not do this kind of things that namrata did… nothing in this world is hidden…but the way it was posted is very hard to tell and talk about….

  8. Firstful, Who is that person which take vedeo. Ok this is by mistake or for remember. But why distribute ? If there involve yours relatives person, that time what you think ? Therefore, this is not good. Everybody does like this. In this case somebody hide or somebody open.
    No need to make big…….Problem……..

  9. hajur ramro cha ani sexy pani
    k hajur lay marrige nagharay ko
    keta payanara
    marrige bhayako ghar
    bigharnu bhako

  10. Hey all of you,

    Why don’t you guys care yourself. In my opinion she hasn’t done any thing wrong coz she has their own personel life. Actually each people have their own personel life!!!!!!!!!! Just a sec think your self what you have done and which is very secret? Even in my life i have lots of secrecy which is more then thsi video but no published so, what i think is what ever she has done is for satisfaction. Definately vedio has not to be taken at that time and namrata has to aware of this. As well at a same time namrata has to stop taking video by tantrik this is just a folish thing what they have done so what ever they have done its done. Let they free and think them self we have to give excuse to namrata, I have seen huge potentiality in namrata for our film industry so please namrata all the best do good and do bets we are with you don’t care about video its a f**ing world so don’t care about other if you need any help just send me a mail from my part


  11. namrata lay gareko kaamlai galti bhannu mildaina..aafnai khusilay gareko ho…kina ki ..marketma aaajai lightma aaunu laagi ho….tyslai mistake bhannu miladiana..wuslai ni taha chha k right k wrong bhanera..plz kasailay ni na samjai huncha.. nepalko model heroni haru astai huncha 95 percent.. flim videoma khelnuko laagi j ni garcha…

  12. I think this is not right, only making of person neglect in the society. this is all fake nobody have right to point him and her .If this is true she might have done on her own wish. so all of you shut up your mouth.

  13. article may be good or may not be good but guys what is the problem? why do all of us take so much concern about this? its her life,
    she can do whatever she likes, what is ur prob?huh
    whats the big deal? these small articles (though +ve) make things more worse.
    its not important for u so plz stop saying her these rude words, u all dont have the right

  14. hey namrata !!!!!! did u do this shit for money or satisfaction ? anyway your professional towards film industry is great accepted by the public already but unfortunately your prostitutional professionj has been proved too. wow!!!!!!!!!! good job namrata . just keep it up

    this not a big issue.
    prakash ojha ko case ma uskai shooting unit ko sathiharule tyu tape release garyo.
    namratako case ma film unitkai manchheharule release garyo.
    namratale galti garin ya garinan yo sambadko bishaya huna sakchha tara uni yas pali BALIKO BOKA baneki hun.
    sooooooo stop this issue.
    baru lamo samaya dekhi yasari kam garne haruko khoji ra uniharulai udango rarnu jaruri chha.namrata ko bishayama machhi machhi halla garne film industry ka kehi aaimaiharuko khoji hunu awasyak chha.

  16. guys,
    I have one more video of namrata with someone else.
    I think you all will be in shock who she with?
    but i like to make money out of it,cuz it is danger.

  17. hami nepali haru ko poorano bani nai ho ki anuhar mildai ma tyasko naam gari video post garne internet ma. jasle garda tyo manchhe ko ijjat janchha nai sathai sara nepali ko naam nai kharab hunchha poora biswa ma.tara ke garne ….aakhiri nepali na ho biswa ma naam kamaune,,chahe jasari nai hos.

  18. i’ve watched that video clip but there is not clear video. i don’t think so she is there. that girl who in this video she looks like her but she is not up in this video. i m sure about that.

  19. ye hajur…Bankle paisa diyena… check phirta ayo ..ani dashainma masu ta khanu paryo ni… dubai janale afnai khaye ta kasko ke bigare… dosi dubai hun.. happy dAshain

  20. a decent article for broad minded viewers and possible victims of such scandles. bottom line is, they do not make it for money, where we have many such examples of big-shots doing so for money. if we can’t accept it, at least we need to make our thinking little bit broader not to curse it.

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