Zenisha Moktan – Miss Nepal 2009

Model Zenisha Moktan was crowned Miss Nepal 2009. She will represent Nepal in the Miss World 2009 pageant. Zenisha beat 14 other finalists to win the title of the beauty pageant organized by The Hidden Treasure

The first runner-up, Richa Thapa Magar, will represent Nepal in Miss Earth competition to be held in Philippines. Kunchan Tamang Moktan bagged second runner-up position.

Congratulation Zenisha and other titles winners!

Last year’s Miss Nepal was cancelled in the last minutes amongst protest from then ruling party, CPN-Maoist. Last year, during the preparation of the contest Zenisha was dragged into controversy with a video claiming to be hers. But it turned out to be a fake video.

Following is a slide show of all the Miss Nepal from the start of the event in 1994 to 2014 (updated in 2015).

35 thoughts on “Zenisha Moktan – Miss Nepal 2009

  1. hi miss ,1 advice 2,u.take a gud comment n live others cuz god gave us 2 ears 1 to listion good n 1 to throw bads talks. Ok just think ur gudtimes n smile ever . anyway hnow u look iz look v.beautiful…n midays bcom good cuz at de morning i see ur smiling face. Ok
    ur luving 1 from heart

  2. shut up….
    she is a nice, intelligent girl with lots of talent. She represented herself fully and elegently. Eventhough she maybe young, but still can represent NEPAL in MISS WORLD. ZENISHA don give ashit to wat others say,,just stay focused ,,,and be proud

  3. hi! this is beauty so u can give her 2009 crown? SO THANKS

  4. hi guys…………. watz wid new miss nepal wer da jugdes mad ahile ko miss nepal YUKE she iz so eu
    she don have any personality. i think u all saw dat video wen c was handed her crown c did not even cared her crown properly like her crown jus fell so embarassing meh n my sis laugh all lot wen we see dis discusting video
    i think c iz not able to b in title of miss nepal c cannot hand her crown properly den will c be able 2 rule nepal in her own way REALLY EMBARRASING DAT MISS NEPAL ZENISHA MOKTAN so funny hahahahhehehehehehehehahahahhahahaheheheh……………

  5. I don’t like the miss nepal of this yr 2009. I would be happy if the crown was given to the 1st runner up. She’s got talent. I saw the video of zenisha and I didnot like the way she act on the video. She’s good bt I think she just care about her beauty and how to attract boyss…that clearly shows on video…. Miss nepal doesnot mean to act on the video that way, I mean its not bad but instead of that she could do some other stuffs that would make her proud to b miss nepal…. Thats all I would like to suggest her… Please do honor of the crown….

  6. k ho kassto pakhe miss nepal bhako. interview pani bachaa ko jasto deko ho. tyo zenisha ko teeth dekhe cha ,yestai tal ho bhane ta miss world ko sapnai matra dekt
    da ramro huncha

  7. wow!!!c’mon guys be civilized,in my view confidence is sexy…and they deserved it,do respect k..dun b like bandar k na aphno ghar banaucha na ta aruko ghar banauna dincha…hope those ppl who hate them aba ta ghaitoo ma gham lagyoo hola..

  8. aaba no word is remain there to say.our nepali people can never be civilized where ever they go they show their unhuman activities. so they are treated badly abroad. it doesnot matter how they owned the title of miss nepal it was the competion to win by showing your talent. no matter it can be sex or abuse.leave it nepalese you should not be stick in this matter.

  9. actually aile ko trend nai arko chha.paila chai kasto thyo bhane jo outspoken cha,PR ramro chha,qualified smart fit chha,tesle nai chance pauthyo yesto modelling field ya compitition haru ma.tara aile chai different bahi sakkyo jos le dherai exposure garyo tyo nai popular..jo sexy,tyo nai desireable..there is a difference between how people get famous..taking examples,zenisha moktan became famous,a subject to talk, after the release of her video aayideu..u know why?? b’coz her thighs were so attractively exposed that all the guys liked it.the camera angles were so povert taken from downside when she is given a short skirt to wear.kunsang moktan became famous with the same attributes.she let many singers touch her private parts on different music videos-controversy-famous.dont know much abt richa thapa magar so no comments.
    i’d support namrata shrestha baru.at least she didn’t use these ways to get famous.she kept her private life and private parts privately and professional life professionally.recent scandal is not intensional release for fame.

  10. miss loly tamang,i want u to know that there r minimun requirements in each and every phrases of life..and here we r talking abt miss nepal beauty pagent..first requirement is obviously the girls gotta b beautiful..all these comments and compliments above are given by the various people from different places and u must admit it..

  11. kai kati naramri ketilai miss nepal banaya ko ta model bhayar ho ki kay ho aba arko patak ramri ra talent ketilai haiiiiiiiiiiiii

  12. Y not? she do deserves it. Miss Nepal is not only about beauty its about hidden talent inside the person that needs to be explore. Nepalese people should change their perception. Judging the book by its cover makes no sense. Living In America I discovered that beauty is of course something everyone desires but beauty should not be the reason to judge ones ability and talents. I do not understand whenever i visit public website y ppl seems to use frequently offensive words for those whom u even do not know personally…..Nepali society is considered to be disciplinary and respecting each other but are we doing so? live and let live and lets encourage instead of humiliating others.


  13. does she deserve that that’s the bizarre announcement i ever heard kunai angel bata pani miss nepal bhanna suhaudaina….

  14. it’s fake disition of contest department. Nepal ma ramro kt haru nai chaina kya ho jasto payo testai lai miss nepal contest ma rakne we proudly hate this year miss nepal….

  15. this is a total bizzare..kasto kasto keti haru hau..i dont have any problem with zenisha,aru chai atti nai bhayo hai..may b paisa kwayo hola tiniharu le tya aunako lagi..an embarassment to our country these girls r……….baru namrata aayeko bhaye hunthyo..at least she is pretty..usko scandal bhayera k nai bhaoya ta,tyo ta usko personal life ho ni..

  16. nepal ma koi ramri keti nai chaina ki kya ho??bato ma hidda ta sabai ramrai laagchha..jo chai zhur tyo chai kina agadi hunchha??seriously i was shocked when i first saw these pics of so called models..

  17. willing to see trasparent lingerie such as G string and stuff like that in Miss world. Zeny, my darling, go for red color, i like it , its so hot.

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