Nare, special screening held in Pokhara

A special screening of upcoming movie ‘Nare’ was held in Pokhara on Saturday, July 18. Various personalities of Nepali film sector and journalists were present in the screening. The movie written and directed by Maotse Gurung features Narjung Gurung in leading roles.

nare screening in pokhara

‘Nare’ is a movie about the trend of Nepali, specially among Gurung community, to purchase Hong Kong ID for better future. The movie shows how general public are fooled by the greed to make a lot of money. The movie also features some of the real-life events of the actor Narjung. The movie was shot in Dhampus area in Pokhara and in Hong Kong . More than 90 percent of the movie was shot in Dhampus and remaining 10 percent in Hong Kong. The movie is produced by Hong Kong resident Nepali, Harka Gurung.

With Narjung, the movie also features Alisha Gurung and Sabina Gurung. The movie made on comedy and serious incident, is scheduled to be screened among Nepali in Hong Kong on August 2. Director Gurung says that there are more special shows of the movie planned for the future. The official release date of the movie is not announced yet. 

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