Neeta Dhungana lost her nephew to earthquake

The ‘Chha Ekan Chha‘ actress, Neeta Dhungana, has lost her nephew to the earthquake of April 25. 10-years-old Krishna died while saving his younger sister and his mother. Krishna was the only son of her elder sister.

neeta dhungana sister son

The family of Neeta’s sister have been mourning the death of Krishna in their residence in Ravi Bhawan, Kalanki.

To an online magazine, Neeta told that Krishna had carried his two younger sisters to safety and was stuck by the falling window of the house when was going inside in search of his mother. Nobody saw Krishna when every started running away from the house. He was killed instantly.

Neeta says that he was the only son among Neeta’s sisters. Neeta has been living with her sister consoling her on the loss of her only son.

In her Facebook post, Neeta has shared a photo of her nephew and says that she misses him very much and wish his soul rest in peace.

xNepali team also sends condolence to Neeta Dhungana and her sisters family for the loss of such a sweet child. May his soul rest in peace.

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