RIP Father of actor Sabin Shrestha

The father of actor Sabin Shrestha has died of brain hemorrhage in a hospital in Bansbari. According to the director Nawal Nepal, 64-years old Laxman Shrestha had died on April 27 at around 4:00 PM.

sabin shrestha father death nawal nepal

Laxman Shrestha was rushed to Nuro Hospital when excessive blood pressure caused problem in his head. Laxman is also the father of fashion photographer and music video director, Nabin K. Shrestha.

Nawal Nepal is the director of Sabin Shrestha’s upcoming movie ‘Bhaag Saani Bhaag’ featuring Sabin and Keki Adhikari in leading roles.

xNepali team wishes the deceased soul rest in peace.

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