Nepal Bhasa (Newa) film festival started in Kathmandu

The first ever festival of Newa movies, Nepal Bhasa (Newa) film festival started on September 27 and will run till October 4, 2012 in Janabahaa (Machhindra Bahaa) in Kel Tol from 7:30 pm to 10 pm every night. The oldest persons Pran Maya Karmacharya, 98, and 86-year old Ananda Shakya, the oldest person and the oldest male in Kel Tol, lighted the inaugural lamp to mark the auspicious launch of the First Newa Film Festival on Thursday.


This festival coincides with the ancient and highly colorful festival, Indrajatra (Yenyaa) festival.

Although extinct now, Daboo Pyakhan, used to be an age-old
tradition of putting up street dramas for the public in streets of Kathmandu and the same tradition is now replaced by high-tech media like movies and televisions.  According to the organizers, this Newa Film Festival strives to revive the digital version of Daboo Pyakhan.

The New Film festival is organized by Machhindra Club in which, a full-length feature film will be screened each night. In addition, six short documentary films will also be screened over the course of the eight-day festival. The entry is free and the films are also provided free of cost by the producers. p>

Traditional Samay Baji was served at the opening of first Newa Film Festival.

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