Nepal Vacation turns out to be a disaster; A youth rescued after 46 days in wilderness

After being lost for 47 days in the wilderness of Central Nepal, a Taiwanese youth was rescued. Travelling on their own, 21-year old Liang Sheng-yu was rescued alive in a very bad condition while his 19-years-old girlfriend Liu Chen-chun died of hunger.

According to reports, after eating all the foods they had in their backpack, they had survived one and a half month by eating salt and snow.

A report:

He watched his girlfriend die of hunger !

Liang Sheng and Liu Chen were last seen on March 9. They had lived in a homestay for three day before starting their trek to Langtang in Rasuwa from Lawadung. A huge snow storm started on March 9. The couple were nowhere to be found.

The father of the young guy and the mother of the girl arrived in Nepal to search for their children. A helicopter charter to search them failed to find them. Four experienced trekking guides, helicopter and other search and rescue team couldn’t find the lost couple.

After a long search, the man, Liang Sheng-yu, was rescued alive while the woman Liu Chen-chun was found dead near Somdang in Ruby Valley in Dhading on April 26, 2017. The couple had fallen off a cliff in Tyagrobhir area while they were trying to descend to the Somdang valley.

According to the man, the woman had died three days before the rescue team found him. According to the doctors tending the man – he was in a very bad condition. Now, the man has contacted his relatives back home and is being treated in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Kathmandu.

Photo – The couple before the trekking.

The man, after being rescued and being treated – by cutting his lice-covered-hair.

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