Who are the Miss Nepal 2017 contestants ?

The official list of the Miss Nepal contestants is yet to be released. I have compiled the list of contestants from unofficial sources.

Unlike previous years, the organizers chose 30 contestants to begin with and then they eliminated 10 contestants as they progress. The final 20 contestants will compete in the finale. I am compiling the list of 20 finalist contestants. The following list is the confirmed finalist according to the individual contestants.

I will update this post again after the official list is released. The confiremd contestants so far are:

  • Rinku Bajracharya – Contestant number 2
  • Priyanka Khadka – Contestant number 3
  • Rojyna Shrestha – Contestant number 7
  • Niti Shah – Contestant number 11
  • Nikita Chandak – Contestant Number 14

UPDATE – Based on a photo uploaded by the official account of Miss Nepal in Instagram, there are 21 contestants including the daughter of the Miss Nepal choreographer Rachana Sharma Gurung – Amalia Sharma. It is interesting that there are two Rojina Shrestha and I am not sure which one is the contestant 7 – the Baneshowr one or the Mitrapark one. The previous unconfirmed list has to be :

  • Ajyona Tamrakar
  • Amalai Sharma
  • Rojina Shrestha (Baneshowr)
  • Rojina Shrestha (Mitrapark)
  • Gyani Maya Baral
  • Swostika Silwal
  • Anusha Lamsal
  • Ashima Baral
  • Dristi Katuwal
  • Urusha Adhikari
  • Kritika Giri
  • Barsha Pokharel
  • Rakhcha Karki
  • Anita Bhandari
  • Manjari Singh
  • Namrata Gurung
  • Sahara Basnet

Previous list: Originally I had collected the following names. (a few were missing in the list)

  • Swostika S Basnet (1)
  • Anusha Lamsal (4)
  • Namrata Gurung (5)
  • Aasina Baral (8)
  • Anita Bhandari (9)
  • Rakchya Karki (10)
  • Urusha Adhikari (12)
  • Manzari Singh (13)
  • Maiya Baral (15)
  • Dristi Katwal (16)
  • Sahara Basnet (17)
  • Barsha Pokharel (18)
  • Kritika Giri (19)

I am yet to know the contestant number 6 and 20.

I will start making the videos of the contestants after the official details of the contestants are made available by the organizer. I have however already prepared a video of one of the contestant: Niti Shah. I chose to make a video of Niti because, she has a history in her credit and she is was well known personality in the entertainment industry.

A note on the video – I don’t have any personal bias towards any contestants. As I don’t know any contestants personally, what I talk about is based on the third-party information. I don’t really care who wins or who loses as long as the judgement is fair.

One more title this year

This year is a bit different from the previous year’s Miss Nepal because

  • Seven contestants will go to the final round. (In previous years, there used to be 5 finalists)
  • There will be four winners, each representing Nepal in four different international beauty contests. Miss Nepal Asia Pacific is the new title. The winner is Miss Nepal World, first runner up is Miss Nepal Earth and the second runner up is Miss Nepal International.
  • 30 contestants were selected from auditions all over Nepal. Ten of them were eliminated to get the twenty finalist for the contest.

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