Nepali Movie – Amar Rahos Hamro Maya (Just description)

Nepali Movie – Amar Rahos Hamro Maya
Starring – Hutta Sanjay Lama, Shanti Basnet, Raj Thapa, Sabina Thapa Magar, Hikmat Thapaliya, Bikram Lama etc.
Director – Kamal Tamang

The Nepali movie ‘Amar Rahos Hamro Maya’s is the first presentation of Hutta Sanjaya Lama for Kali Gandaki Cinemax. The movie produced by Losang Lama features the story of Hutta Sanjaya Lama, action of Shankar Maharjan, choreography by Machhe Narayan, lyrics of Samjhana Lama, background music by Rhythm KC, editing by Rahul KC. The music is composed by Bishow Shanta Rai and Sanjay Lama.

Technical details about the film:

Assistant director Arjnu Khadka,
Story by Hutta Sanjay Lama
music by Bishowshanta Rai, Sanjay Lama,
Choreographer – Sunil Thapa magar
Cinematography – Mokshya Narayan Shrestha
Action – Shankar Maharjan, Hikmat Thapaliya
Background music by Rhythm KC
Editor is Rahul KC
Produced by – Samjhana Tamang, and Losang Lama

The artists and the technicians of the film are not well known. The movie also didn’t do well in theatre. As the film was the first presentation of the actor, and the film didn’t do well in theatre, he isn’t seen in other movies. There are a lot of producers who have a dream to produce and become the leading actor of the film. It seems, this is also one of such types of movies. Although there are a few people who liked this movie when I shared previously, there weren’t any fans to talk of. Please comment if you like the film. Also, please share the information about the parts of the film you like the most – for example there might be a nice comedy scene or a nice song or a heart touching dialogues. Please share such information so that people can enjoy the film. Thank you.

Another poster of the film:

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