Nepali movie April Fool got an A certificate

An upcoming Nepali movie ‘April Fool’ was censored in Censor Board and received an ‘A’ certificate – the movie only suitable for viewers of age greater than 16 years.

april fool poster

The movie was halted in the censor board for some time. After negotiations with the film makers and the censor board members, the movie had finally passed the censor evaluation.

‘April Fool’ is a movie made on the situational story on April Fool, the first day of April. The movie is also expected to release on April 1, 2013 – the day the theme of the movie is based on.

The movie directed by Bhadra Bhujel, ‘April Fool’ is produced by Keshav Lamichane and Kamal Lamichane. The movie features actress Sumina ghimire, Kumar Lamichane, Manoj Lamichane, and Mahima Silwal in main roles.

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