Mausami Malla outburst on Censor Board, Samaya got U rating at last

After postponing the release of the movie during the strike of film artists, Mausami Malla‘s movie ‘Samaya’ faced hurdles in the Censor Board at the time of it’s release. After negotiations on removing and editing objectionable movie scenes, the movie managed to get an ‘U’ certificate – suitable for the audience of all ages.

samaya poster

Earlier on Sunday, Mausami had told that the Board was not cooperating and was crating unnecessary hurdles in a attempt to block the movie from releasing. Mausami told that, after the first censor review, the board members had asked to reduce the kiss scenes and bed scenes duration to four seconds or less. After complying with the request, the board members had rejected the movie again accusing that the movie has too many sex scenes. Mausami got puzzled when the board members were were not willing to give an ‘U’ certificate even after removing all the objectionable scenes.

On her way out, Mausami Malla accused the Board chief Narayan Sanjel of conspiring on purpose to cripple the movie. She told that she had misunderstanding with some of the Board members in the past. So, she accused them of taking revenge by blocking the movie at the time of it’s release.

Later, the producer Sandesh Shrestha went to the Censor Board to receive the censor certificate with ‘U’ rating. It is not known if the public outburst of Mausami had earned it the liberal rating or the movie was further edited to get the certificate.

‘Samaya’ is scheduled to release this Friday, on March 1. The movie debuts Mausami’s son Vicky Malla and actress Surabhi Jain in lead roles. Mausami and also represent the older generation couple in the movie. The movie is directed by Dayaram Dahal.

Bed scenes and kiss scenes between the Vicky and Surabhi had been used as one of the most important marketing material. But, it is not known if they are still there or gone after the censor evaluation.

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