Nepali movie – Badalpari

Nepali Film – Badalpari (बादलपारी)
Starring: Bhuwan KC, Jal Shah, Dilip Rayamajhi, Jharana Thapa etc.
Producer and Story – Binod Sherchan
Director – Ugyen Chopel

The movie ‘Badalpari’ is a hit movie by Ugyen Chopel.

Credit – Music Nepal

Star Cast:

Bhuwan KC – Top star in Nepali film industry, Bhuwan KC, is also a successful producer of movies. He is debuting as a director in his upcoming movie ‘Dreams’ featuring his son Anmol KC. Read the biography and the list movies featuring Bhuwan in the following link.

Jal Shah – Actress Jal Shah is currently living in the USA with her husband and a daughter. Read biography and the list of movies featuring Jal in the following link.

Dilip Rayamajhi – Actor Dilip Rayamajhi has also moved to the USA in 2015. Dilip and Jal had celebrated BhaiTika in New York this year after 13 years. Read the profile and the list of movies of Dilip in the following link:

Jharana Thapa – Actress Jharana is also one of the top and longest serving actresses in the Nepali film industry. She is also a producer of Nepali movies. Read the profile and the list of movies in the following link:

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