Nepali Movie – Bhimdatta (Nawal Nepal, Nisha Adhikari, Sumina Ghimire)

Nepali Movie – Bhimdatta
Starring – Nawal Nepal, Nisha Adhikari, Sumina Ghimire, Ramesh Budhathoki, Rabi Giri etc.
Director – Himgyap Lama ‘Tasi’

About ‘Bhimdatta’

A historical figure, Bhimdatta, is considered the first martyr of the Western Nepal. The movie about him was released in 2015. (read release news).

The historical biopic movie is made on the life of the revolutionary leader, Bhimdutt Pant. The movie directed by Himgyap Lama ‘Tasi’ features Nawal Nepal in the role of Bhimdatta. Other artists include Nisha Adhikari, Sumina Ghimire, Ramesh Budhathoki, Laya Sangaraula, Rabi Giri etc. The movie is made under the banner of Golden Eye Films. It is shot in the locations in the Western part of Nepal – the place Bhimdutt used to live and work. The cinematographer of the film is Bisnu Kalpit, story is written by Mani Thapa, and script by Shivam Adhikari.

Watch full film:

Credit – Budha Subba

Techanical details of the film:

Director is Himgyal Lama
Exclusive Producer is Pratap Chandra Tamang
Producers are Bishnu Thebe, Anurag Shah, Ram Saran Basnet
The Writer and Music composer is Mani Thapa
Dance Choreography bye the director Himgyal Lama

Actors in teh film are : Nawal Khadka, Nisha Adhakari, Nisha Ghimire, Ramesh Budathoki, Shree Ram Pudasini, Sajan Khatiwoda, Kamali wyaiba, ram keshar bogati, Laya Sangraula, Sanukumar Tamrakar, B.S Rana, Uttam K.C, Kabita Sharma, Umesh Mayalu, A.A Agraj, Mahesh Dahal, Mukunda Acharya, Rajkumar Joshi, Maan Bahadur Kunwar, Shyam Shrestha, Yadunath panta, Lakraj Panta, bikash Bhatta shakti bhatta, shyam sinal, pratap chandra tamang, Guru Raj gudikaskar & Rabi Giri.

About Bhimdatta Pant

Born in Dhadldhura, Bhimdatta was a patriot and a revolutionary leader. He had fought against the injustice to the people and he waged war agains the Rana regime at his time. His protest against the rulers was peaceful in nature. Although born a Brahmin, a cast considered to be superior to others, he was against caste discrimination among people. He was born in a rich and well to do family, he fought for the people who were less fortunate than him.

Although he was a peaceful person he fought against the foreigners who came to invade the land. He fought with the common folk in the area. He was later murdered by one of his own friends. Although Bhimdatta isn’t declared a martyr by the Nepal Government, the people in his area consider him no less than a martyr.

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