Nepali Movie – Bhimdatta (Nawal Nepal, Nisha Adhikari, Sumina Ghimire)

Nepali Movie – Bhimdatta
Starring – Nawal Nepal, Nisha Adhikari, Sumina Ghimire, Ramesh Budhathoki, Rabi Giri etc.
Director – Himgyap Lama ‘Tasi’

About ‘Bhimdatta’

A historical figure, Bhimdatta, is considered the first martyr of the Western Nepal. The movie about him was released in 2015. (read release news).

The historical biopic movie is made on the life of the revolutionary leader, Bhimdutt Pant. The movie directed by Himgyap Lama ‘Tasi’ features Nawal Nepal in the role of Bhimdatta. Other artists include Nisha Adhikari, Sumina Ghimire, Ramesh Budhathoki, Laya Sangaraula, Rabi Giri etc. The movie is made under the banner of Golden Eye Films. It is shot in the locations in the Western part of Nepal – the place Bhimdutt used to live and work. The cinematographer of the film is Bisnu Kalpit, story is written by Mani Thapa, and script by Shivam Adhikari.

Watch full film:
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Director Himgyap Lama celebrates his ‘re-birth’ day by visiting earthquake affected areas

Every year on April 27 the ‘Bhimdutta’ director Himgyap Lama used to celebrate his birthday. This year, the situation was a lot different. While everybody were in shock and mourning the April 25 earthquake, the terror hasn’t ceased yet as aftershock tremor continues till the time of this writing.

Himgyap termed his birthday a ‘Re-birth Day’ as he had survived the earthquake that had claimed more than 4,000 people, so far. In his Facebook profile, Himgyap writes:

Today is my birthday, 27 April, Re-Birth Day of mine after unexpected earthquake in Nepal, I was blessed by you all and thank you all wishers and prayers of my life.

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Rekha Thapa and Himgyap Lama sleep in car on fear of earthquake aftershocks

The terror of the earthquake kept most of the people in Kathmandu awake the whole night of April 25. On April 26 the terror continued and the going inside was filled with risk. So people were forced to sleep outside. Actress Rekha Thapa and director Himgyap Lama were staying together in the crisis.

Himgyap Lama shared the photos of himself and Rekha sleeping on the open and in the car. Himgyap’s dog Dhondup

Photo – Rekha Thapa sleeping on the backseat of a car

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Rekha meets acid attack victims

Actress Rekha Thapa has helped the two acid attack victims meet for the first time after the ill-fated incident. Rekha took Sima Basnet to Kathmandu Medical College in her car to meet her friend Sangata Magar, who is badly burned by the attack. Sima was was in Bir Hospital for follow up check up when Rekha meet her. The acid attack victims Sima Basnet and Sangita Magar were very happy to meet and embraced each other in hugs and cried together.

With Rekha, ‘Bhimdutta’ director Himgyap Lama and Seven Submitter Susmita Maskey had also met the two teens. Sushmita said, “This was the most difficult visit ever. Seema and Sangita, the acid attack victims met each other for the first time after the attack that happened more than a month ago.”

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World Cup fever of Nepali artists

Like many Nepali people, Nepali artists are also the fans of football World Cup. Artists have shared photos of themselves wearing the jerseys of their favorite teams. The following photo slideshow features the artists and their favorite teams.

Actress Keki Adhikari‘s favorite team is that of Argentina. Other artists like Deepak Raj Giri, Nisha Desar, Himgyap Lama, Suman Singh, Khusbu Khadka, Jyoti Kafle etc. are also the fans of Argentina team. Comedy artists Dhurmus (Sitaram Kattel) and Mundre (Jitu Nepal) both are fans of Argentina

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Bhimdutt special show in Kathmandu, Prachanda, Vaidya, Deuba watched

A special screening of a movie made on a historical personality, ‘Bhimdutt’ was conducted in Kumari theater in Kathmandu on May 29, 2014. Before screening in Kathmandu, the movie was screened in USA, Hong Kong and Dadeldhura, the birth place of Bhimdutt.

Video: Review of Prachanda, Vaidya, Deuba, Bhuwan Chand and Basundhara Bhusal:

Photo – Nisha Adhikari and Sumina Ghimire watch ‘Bhimdutt’ with Sher Bahadur, Mohan Vaidya and Prachanda at Kumari theater. (photo credit Nisha)

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Bhimdutta finally got the censor clearance

After an initial glitch, the Censor Board has finally awarded PG certificate to Nawal Khadka‘s movie ‘Bhimdutta’. The movie directed by Himgyap Lama features Nawal as a revolutionary leader, Bhimdutta Pant of Dadeldhura.

The biographical movie made on a historical context features Nawal Khadka, Nisha Adhikari, and Sumina Ghimire in leading roles. The film makers had organized a protest press meet when the Board took time in awarding the censor clearance certificate.

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Censor Board couldn’t decide on Bhimdutta

The Censor Board has decided to do a detailed review of the movie before letting it screen in theater. The Board chief Umakant Parajuli has told that the involvement of the Army and Indian government in the killing of Bhimdutta has to be researched and verified before the movies is allowed to release.

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No film artist to represent in the CA

When the Constituent Assembly (CA) membership hopeful film directors Deepak Shrestha and Himgyap Lama couldn’t make it to the CPN (Maoist) list, there will be no film artists to represent in the current CA.

They were included in the preliminary list of CA members under the proportional representation (PR) electoral system. In the similar way, actor Bhuwan KC also couldn’t make it to the list of CPN (UML). Bhuwan has organized a press meet in protest of being rejected twice by the party.

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Nepali movie on the life of martyr Bhimdutta Pant being made

A Nepali movie based on the life of the martyr Bhimdutta Pant is being shot in the location in far-western Nepal. The martyr Bhimdutta is known for his fight against cast system and Rana autocracy. More than 60 percent of the movie is scheduled to be shot in the Western Nepal.

In the history of Nepali movies, this will be the first movie based on the life of a martyr. The movie titled ‘Bhimdutt’ is being produced and directed by Himgyap Tasi Lama. The movie will also feature songs based on the quotations of Bhimdutta and will showcase the attractions of Western Nepal.

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