Nepali Movie – Bindaas 3

Nepali Movie – Bindaas 3
Starring – Asok Phuyal, Shuvekshya Thapa, Manish Karki, Sudhan Dhital, Subash Khadka etc.
Director – Raju Giri

About ‘Bindaas 3’

This is the third sequel of Nepali movie ‘Bindaas’. The movie made on sex theme featured actress Sushma Karki in the first and the second sequel. In the third sequel Suvekshya Thapa replaced Sushma Karki. Although the movie was made into three sequels, none of the movie were successful commercially and the review of xnepali reviewer wasn’t that good either. The initial comments in the video are not good. The movie is a Raju Giri Production & Shuvechchha Entertainment presentation featuring the music of Arjun Pokharel, editing and cinematography by Basu Baral.

Watch ‘Bindaas 3’

Credit – Highlights Nepal

Star Cast of ‘Bindaas 3’

The actor Manish Karki is the new introduction in the movie. Sumnima Gurung and Kajal Giri are the child artists in the movie. Actress Suvekshya Thapa has invested in the movie and is featured in the leading role. In almost all of the movies Raju Giri had directed, he had problem with the actresses. Suvekshya Thapa has been the only actress the director is still in good terms. With Suvekshya Thapa Raju Giri has directed a number of movies including ‘Tiger the real hero’, ‘Bindaas 3’, ‘Jism’, and ‘Makhamali’ (releasing soon).

Raju Giri is known to make ‘glamorous’ movies that the Censor Board restricts the viewers of 16 years and younger.

‘Bindaas 3’ poster

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