Nepali Movie – Carrang Gang (2 sequels)

I am sharing both sequels of Carrang Gang and Carrang Gang 2 in this single post.
Nepali Movie – Carreng Gang
Starring – Uday Subba, Suman Lama, Laxmi Khadka (Lama), Suman Rana Mongar, Manoj Ghimire, Gokul KC etc
Director – Raju Lama

Nepali Movie – Carreng Gang 2
StarringNikhil Upreti, Arunima Lamsal, Sunil Thapa, Suman Lama, Suman Rana Magar, Ram chandra Adhikari, Jharana Thapa etc.
Director – Uday Subba

About Carrang Gang

The movie ‘Carreng Gang’ is a presentation of Raju Lama under Liza laxmi Movies banner.Raju Lama has written the story and the script of the movie. The fight directors of the action movie are Ram and Janak. This is the original Carrang Gang.

About ‘Carreng Gang 2’

The sequel ‘Carreng Gang 2’ is also presented by Raju Lama but under different banner LCRL Movie. Although the sequel ‘Carreng Gang 2’ is directed by Uday Subba, the story is written by Raju Lama himself. There were no well known actors in the original movie but, the sequel features well known artists like NIkhil Upreti, Arunima Lamsal and Sunil Thapa. The child artist in the movie is Aju Lama. Jharana Thapa is the guest artist in the movie. The movie features the lyrics by Dayaram Pandey, playback singing by Mausami Gurung, music by Deepak Raman, editing by Tara Thapa, background score by Roshan Lamichhane dialogue by Laxmi Khadka, cinematography by Yubraj Rai, and the action by Ram /Janak.

Watch Carreng Gang full movie:

Carreng Gang 2 Full movie:

Credit – Hi Tech Entertainment

Star Cast of ‘Carreng Gang’ and ‘Carreng Gang 2’

The original ‘Carreng Gang’ features Uday Subba in leading role. But, in the sequel Uday Subba had taken the responsibility of directing the movie. The original movie didn’t have well known actors. The lead actor of the movie is a 7-years-old boy who has shown martial arts skills in the movie. The movie was successful leading to the production of the sequel. The sequel of the movie features action star Nikhil Upreti is leading role.

Nikhil Upreti left the film industry for 5 years after he married Sanchita Luitel. His comeback movie ‘Bhairav’ was a hit movie. After that, he has been very busy in other movies. Arunima Lamsal left the country a while ago to live permanently in the USA. Actor Sunil Thapa is busy in Nepali and Bollywood movies.

Poster of Carreng Gang:

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