Nepali movie – Lekhanta (Rekha Thapa, Sushil Chhetri)

lekhantaNepali movie – Lekhanta
Starring – Rekha Thapa, Sushil Chhetri, Uttam Pradhan, Deepak Chhetri etc.
Direction – Uday Subba

About ‘Lekhanta’

The movie featuring the superstar actors Rekha Thapa and Sushil Chhetri with Uttam Pradhan and Deepak Chhetri, Lekhanta is directed by Uday Subba. The hair stylist of this movie, Bipana Thapa, is a popular actress who is featured as fake Hisila Yami in popular comedy serials in television, ‘Tito Satya’. In addition to direction, ‘Lekhanta’ is also written by Uday Subba. The movie was previously posted and is updated with a new official link to the movie.

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Nepali Movie – Refugee

Nepali Movie – Refugee
StarringJiwan Luitel, Rista Basnet, Surbir Pandit etc.
Director Uday Subba

About ‘Refugee’

The movie made on the story of the Nepali speaking Bhutani refugees who were chased away by the Bhutan government is made under Jay Shree Buddha Subba Films banner. The movie features the music of Bikash Chaudhary, editing of Tara Thapa, and produced by Manoj Rai and Dipesh Subba. The story of the movie is written by the director, Uday Subba. The movie ‘Refuge’ was released in January of 2016.

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Nepali Movie – Carrang Gang (2 sequels)

carreng-gang-nepali-movie-name-1I am sharing both sequels of Carrang Gang and Carrang Gang 2 in this single post.
Nepali Movie – Carreng Gang
Starring – Uday Subba, Suman Lama, Laxmi Khadka (Lama), Suman Rana Mongar, Manoj Ghimire, Gokul KC etc
Director – Raju Lama

carreng-gang-2-nepali-movie-nameNepali Movie – Carreng Gang 2
StarringNikhil Upreti, Arunima Lamsal, Sunil Thapa, Suman Lama, Suman Rana Magar, Ram chandra Adhikari, Jharana Thapa etc.
Director – Uday Subba

About Carrang Gang

The movie ‘Carreng Gang’ is a presentation of Raju Lama under Liza laxmi Movies banner.Raju Lama has written the story and the script of the movie. The fight directors of the action movie are Ram and Janak. This is the original Carrang Gang.

About ‘Carreng Gang 2’

The sequel ‘Carreng Gang 2’ is also presented by Raju Lama but under different banner LCRL Movie. Although the sequel ‘Carreng Gang 2’ is directed by Uday Subba, the story is written by Raju Lama himself. There were no well known actors in the original movie but, the sequel features well known artists like NIkhil Upreti, Arunima Lamsal and Sunil Thapa. The child artist in the movie is Aju Lama. Jharana Thapa is the guest artist in the movie. The movie features the lyrics by Dayaram Pandey, playback singing by Mausami Gurung, music by Deepak Raman, editing by Tara Thapa, background score by Roshan Lamichhane dialogue by Laxmi Khadka, cinematography by Yubraj Rai, and the action by Ram /Janak.

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Nepali Movie – Agni

Nepali movie – Agni
Starring – Dilip Raimajhi, Jeevan Limbu, Rama Limbu, Ram Krishna Neupane, Bhim Kerung, Udaya Subba, Sanjay Neupane
Director – Uday Subba

About ‘Agni’

The movie by Jay Shree Budha Subba Films ‘Agni’ was released on December 11, 2015. The action movie is presented by Bhupendra Lingden (Mantri). The movie features the music of Bikash Chaudahary, choreography by Gyanu Subba, and produced by Madan Kumar Engnam and Dil Prakash Yaksa. The lyrics in the movie are written by Uday Subba and Sabina KC. The playback singers are Badal Limbu, Juna Prasai, Bikash Chaudhari, Debit Shankar, Ranjit Kumar Sahani, and Yani Sharma. The background score is prepared by Samrat Thapa, and action by Ram Janak. The editor is Deepak Lama.

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Nepali Movie – Gundaraj

gundaraj nepali movieNepali Movie – Gundaraj
Starring Sushil Chhetri, Rajesh Payal Rai, Priya Rijal, Arjun Karki, Uday Subba, Ramchandra Adhikari, Deepak Chhetri etc.
Director – Uday Subba

Watch ‘Gundaraj’, full movie in a single part.

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Nepali Movie – Jodi No. 1

jodi no 1Nepali Movie – Jodi No. 1
StarringNikhil Upreti, Dilip Rayamajhi, Jharana Thapa, Arunima Lamsal, Jiya KC, Ashok Sharma, Nir Shah, Sunil Thapa, Ramchandra Adhikari, Kiran KC, Wilson Bikram Rai etc.
DirectorUday Subba

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Nepali Movie – Amar Preeti

amar priti nepali movieNepali Movie – Amar Preeti
StarringDilip Rayamajhi, Biraj Bhatt, Jenisha KC, Arunima Lamsal, Sunil Thapa, Dinesh Sharma, Ram Chandra Adhikari, Deepak Chhertri, Uday Subba etc.
Director – Uday Subba

The Nepali movie ‘Amar Preeti’ is the fifth presentation of Jaya Shree Budha Subba. Ramesh Ingnam is a new presentation in the movie. Choreography by Dinesh Pakhrin, cinematography by Mahendra Thapa, editing by Tara Thapa ‘Kimbhey’.

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Friday release, Lati and Agni

This week on December 11, 2015, two new Nepali movies are released in theater – ‘Lati’ and ‘Agni’. Unlike other movies at the time of the release, these movies were not promoted much. The movie ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi’ is still running in theater with considerable viewers in its third week of release. The last week’s release ‘Chocolate’ has lost some theater because of less interest in viewers. ‘Chocolate’ actress and producer Poojana has expressed her surprise in the last of viewers in spite of excessive promotion of the movie.

friday release december 11 2015

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Nepali Movie – Khel Kheladi

khel kheladiNepali Movie – Khel Kheladi
Starring – Uday Subba, Suman Lama, Raj Basnet, Manoj Ghimire, Suman Rana Magar, Simran Rijal, Riju etc.
Director – Raju Lama

LCRL Movies presents a Raju Lama movie ‘Khel Kheladi’ – a sports movie. Laxmi Khadka is the guest artist in the movie. Child artists in the movie are Aju Lama and Chewang Lama. The dialogue is written by Laxmi Khadka (Lama), action by Ram/janak / Ravi Thapa, cinematography by Saroj Maharjan, editing by Roshan Lamichhane, story /script by the director, Raju Lama.

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Nepali Movie – Timrai Lagi

timrai lagiNepali Movie – Timrai Lagi
StarringNawal Khadka, Rajani Lama, Aasha Thapa, Bikram Shah, Deepak Chhetri etc.
DirectorUday Subba

‘Timrai Lagi’ is a presentation of Shree Sagarmatha Cinearts and made on the story of the director Uday Subba. Other artists in the movie include – Rajesh Payal Rai in music composition, background score by Sanjay Shrestha, special effects by Sunaya Man Shrestha, choreography of Subash Budhathoki, editing of Banish Shah and Tara Thapa, cinematography of Ratna Dhakl, and action of Ram, Janak. Singers in the film are Rajesh Payal Rai, Reema Gurung, Lasmit Rai and Niruta Singh.

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Friday release, Miss Nepal, Jodi No. 1 and Luki Luki

Three new Nepali movies ‘Miss Nepal’, ‘Jodi No. 1’ and ‘Luki Luki’  have released in theater in Nepal on Friday May 30, 2014. While ‘Miss Nepal’ had been very controversial and was been a focus of media for some time, other two movies were relatively unheard of.

Miss Nepal

The movie based on beauty contest Miss Nepal is titled ‘Miss Nepal’ and features the producer Suvekshya Thapa as Miss Nepal. The movie directed by Surendra Tuladhar is going to release in 23 theaters in Kathmandu and 40 theaters out of Kathmandu. With Suvekshya, the movie also features Sabin Shrestha and Kshitiza Shakya in lead roles.

miss nepal poster (2)

The movie got in limelight when Miss Nepal organizer Hidden Treasure tried to block it. Suvekshya also posed topless to get the media attention. She had been actively using social media sites to promote the movie and share the poster for the last few months.

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Nepali Movie – Mero Pyaro Maitighar

mero_pyaro_maitigharFor Everest Incorporated and Pakhrin Films Pvt. Ltd., Rakhsya Neupane presents
Nepali Movie – Mero Pyaro Maitighar
Starring, Dilip Rayamajhi, Jharana Thapa, Arunima Lamsal, Subash Meche, Dinesh Sharma, Jeny Kunwar, Rama Thapaliya, Uday Subba, Ramkrishan Neupane etc.
Story / Dialogue / Director – Udaya Subba

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Nepali Movie – Kanoon

Nepali Movie – Kanoon (kanun)
StarringRajesh Hamal, Nikhil Upreti, Dilip Rayamajhi, Jharana Thapa, Arunima Lamsal, Sunil Thapa, Dinesh Sharma etc.
Director – Uday Subba

Nepali movie ‘Kanoon’ is the 2010 release featuring action star Nikhil Upreti with Rajesh Hamal and Dilip Rayamajhi.
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