Nepali Movie – Chetanako Diyo

chetanako diyo nepali movie nameNepali Movie – Chetanako Diyo
Starring – Sagun Shrestha, Sarita Dangi, Sumina Ghimire, Dev Nepal etc.
Director – Dev Nepal

‘Chetanako Diyo’ Nepali movie is not available now.

Credit – Sagun Shrestha

About ‘Chetanako Diyo’

The movie ‘Chetanako Diyo’ is a presentation of Veteran Media. The movie features the cinematography of Rajesh Ghimire and Shambhu Chalise, and editing of Bishnu Sharma. The movie is made to create social awareness by pointing out the social social discrimination in society. The social difference between higher class citizen and lower class citizen are presented in the movie. Lyrics and music by Suman Budha and Dambar Dhakal, Singers are Suman Budha, Sapana Shree and Rama Mandal. Sambhu Chalise and Rajesh Ghimire are the cameramen of the movie. The story is written by Ratna Bahadur Thapa, editing by Bishnu Sharma, and action by SD.

Star Cast of ‘Chetanako Diyo’

In addition to Sagun Shrestha, Sumina Ghimire and Dev Nepal other main artists in the movie are Sarita Dangi, Prem Khadaka, Deepsagar, Kamal, Budhi Adhikari, Sushila Niraula, Krishna and Bhakta Maharjan.

The poster of ‘Chetanako Diyo’

chetanako diyo nepali movie poster

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