Brand Ambassador competition in Nepali celebrities

Many actors, musicians, and players are appointed brand ambassadors of various commercial products to increase their sales. These ambassadors usually are established personalities in their field and who potentially have charm and attraction to help in the success of the product they represent.


Pop singer Nima Rumba is brand ambassador of most number of commercial products (Yamaha Bike, Springwood, San Miguel Beer, Face lotion, Subisu, Coke Cola, Shakalaka Boom, Team Samsung and New Look Men’s Shaving Cream) and Sagarmatha area cleaning and maintenance ambassador.

Namrata Shrestha has been brand ambassador of Springwood, Sangrila Cricket Academy. It was rumored that she was stripped from being the brand ambassador of Springwood, but Namrata told that it was not true. She is also a brand ambassador of beach cricket being held on the Trishuli river beach on Kurintar.

Singer Dipak Bajracharya is brand ambassador of Bagpiper Whiskey, WorldLink Communication and Kodak camera. Singers Ram Krishna Dhakal and Komal Oli are brand ambassador of Ruchi noodles. Sudin Pokharesl and Dipak Raj Giri represent Shikhar, Nabin K. Bhattarai is brand ambassador of Marchantile Personal Computer.

Miss Nepal Zenisha Moktan is Conservation Ambassador of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and is involved in conservation of tiger.

Actor Rajesh Hamal is ambassador of  WaiWai noodles and he also represents blind and disabled people. A commercial featuring Rajesh Hamal was behind the success of 2PM noodles, which is the largest selling noodles in Nepali market.

Niruta Singh popularized Muna tea. An advertisement featuring Bhuwan KC and his wife was behind the success  of Tinpate tea. Manisha Koirala debuted modeling and acting by the advertisement of Megha Wool which was one of the cause of the success of Megha Wool.

Actor Nikhil Upreti was brand ambassador of Fatafat noodles of Thai Foods. Upreti has declined to be ambassador of Khukuri Cigarette due to price dispute.

Cyclist Pushkar Shah is brand ambassador of Krist Bank and Cycle City-2020.

Actress Richa Ghimire has represented Khukuri Rum and Diyo soap.

Actress Rekha Thapa has been ambassador of 2PM noodles, Caliber Rum, and Diyo soap.

Sports personalities have also been brand ambassador of various products. Dipak Bista was brand ambassador of Samsung Mobile. Sangina Vaidya was made brand ambassador of Toyota car and other five commercial products.

The businesses exploit celebrity craze in consumers to sell their products. The celebrities usually charge Rs. 100,000 to 1 million to become brand ambassador of products.

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