Nepali Movie – Deuta

Nepali film – Deuta
Starring – , Shrijana Basnet, Shrawan Ghimire, Yubaraj Lama, Ramchandra Adhikari, Tika Pahadi etc.
Director Tulsi Ghimire

This is Tripurasundari International Cine Arts’ presentation, Yubaraj Lama’s film. The movie is made on the story, script and editing of the director Tulsi Ghimire. Actress Sirjana Basnet had debuted in the movie. The movie released in 2050 BS became a super hit movie.

Full movie in a single part:

Credit – Hi Tech Entertainment

The star casts in the movie:

Tulsi Ghimire – Tulsi is considered one of the best directors in Nepali film industry. In the past, most of Ghimire’s movies were hit. These days, Ghimire’s charm has diminished. He is known to make movies with patriotic theme. Tulsi is originally from India. Click here for the full list of the movies of Tulsi Ghimire.

Rajesh Hamal – The superstar in the Nepali film industry, Hamal is known for action and acting. The full list of movies featuring Rajesh Hamal are available here.

Yubaraj Lama – Producer and director Yubaraj Lama is a well known personality in the Nepali film industry. He was also appointed the chief of the Nepal Sports Council.

Sirjana Basnet – The producer of the movie Biju Ranjit married the actress Sirjana Basnet. After the marriage, Sirjana stopped acting and she gained a lot of weight. According to, Sirjana’s weight had reached 80 kg. After Biju died young, Sirjana met producer/action director Surendra Shah. Shah helped Sirjana loose weight and they lived together for four years and separated. Sirjana creidts Surendra for her comeback and she is still producing and acting in movies.

10 thoughts on “Nepali Movie – Deuta

  1. really its my fev nepali movie which i hav watch till now. but its makes me disappointed, when i know there is no any songs…

  2. hi im ram mishra all the way from USA as a immigrant from nepal as bhutanese refugee resettlement process. i like this movie so much but it is like a curry without salt. If possible please post the all ever lasting song of this movie and also i want to watch nepali movie variya,gunyo choli,and jhaula.

  3. hi as iam manorath dhakal from USA from refugee resettlement process. now iam living in kentucky state of america. i watched this movie i like it as a best. so i request my country to send many nepali films such as ( ko hola mere mayalu,nirmaya,rahar,ghupadi ko jindagi) and so on as to make our culture and nationality immortal and to keep our comming generation remember the word nepal.

  4. यो फिल्म को गीतहरु किन नराखेको कस्तो राम्रो राम्रो गीत छ.

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