Nepali Movie – Jaya Baba Pashupatinath

Nepali Movie – Jaya Baba Pashupatinath
StarringSudhanshu Joshi, Saroj Khanal, Sushila Rayamajhi, Kiran KC, Pawan Mainali, Prajakta, Mayauri, Surendra KC, Shurbir Pandit, Sumitra Poudel, Tara Khanak etc.
Director – Satish Kumar

Full movie ‘ Jaya Baba Pashupatinath’ in a single part:

Credit – OSR Digital

 About ‘Jaya Baba Pashupatinath’

A Hindu religious movie ‘Jaya Baba Pashupatinath’ is a presentation of Sayapatri Films by Uddav Poudel. The dialogue of the movie is written jointly by CK Masta, Madhav Sapkota and Pradeep Dahal. Lyrics are written by Kiran Mishra, Pramod Kumar Kush, and Muralidhar. Choreography by Kamal Rai / Mahesh Kumar, still photography by Gautam Shrestha, cinematographer Narendra Mistri, story by Uddav Poudel, editing by Harish Chaudhary, music by Muralidhar, script by Satish Kumar and produced by Sumitra Poudel.

Star Cast of ‘ Jaya Baba Pashupatinath’ 

The movie features actors like Sudhanshu Joshi, Saroj Khanal, Sushila Rayamajhi. The guest artists in the movie are Ujjwal Bhandari and Bhim Bar Singh Thapa.

Sudhanshu Joshi was considered one of the actors of potential. But, he later stopped acting for unknown reasons. Sudhanshu Joshi is featured as  Shiva in the movie.

Actress Sumitra Poudel is featured as Parbati. Sumitra is also named the producer of the movie. Actress Tara Khanal as Laxmi, Rajiv Sharma is featured as Narad, Shyam Abasthi is featured as Bhasmashur, Rajdev Jamdade is featured as Kaali, Bilesh Kaku is featured as Bishnu, and Sunayana as Durga.

Actor Saroj Khanal was also the top actors of his time. But, at the peak of hie popularity he went to the USA and started to living there. Saroj Khanal has recently returned back to Nepal after living fore than a decade and a half in the USA.

Saroj Khanal biography and the movies featuring Saroj Khanal

Poster of ‘ Jaya Baba Pashupatinath’

jaya baba pashupatinath poster

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