Nepali Movie – Majboor

Nepali Movie – Majboor
StarringBiraj Bhatt, Anuska Dhakal, Krishna Bhatta, Sangh Ratna Manandhar, Anita KC, Baldip Rai, Kamal Krishna etc.
Director Deepak Shrestha

About ‘Majboor’

Deepak Shrestha’s movie ‘Majboor’ features Biraj Bhatt and the new entry actress, Anuska Dhakal in leading roles. “Majboor” is a typical masala movie containing all the ingredients that are liked by general movie goers. The movie features action, love, family drama, emotion and glamour all in one. Deepak Shrestha is known for directing masala movies and he has been pretty good in them.

The movie is a presentation of Prasadi Cine Makers P. Ltd. by Deek Khadka.

Watch full movie ‘Majboor’

Credit – OSR Digital

Star Cast of ‘Majboor’

The action star of Nepali movie industry Biraj Bhatta is one of the top actors in Bhojpuri movie industry. He has acted in some top grossing movies in the film industry. Because of being busy in Bhojpuri films, Biraj was absent in Nepali movies fore about five years. He made a comeback this year in ‘Jaya Parshuram’. Will he continue to act in Nepali movies? That is a big question as there is no news of him signing any new movies after ‘Jaya Parshuram’.

‘Majboor’ is the debut movie of actress Anuska Dhakal. Anuska left the film industry after getting married. There is no news about her in recent days. Anuska Dhakal’s biography is listed in the reference section of this post.

Biography of Biraj Bhatt and the movies posted in xnepali featuring Biraj Bhatt

Poster of ‘Majboor’



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