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Biraj Bhatta has established himself as the No. 1 actor in Nepali film industry. Major competitors of Biraj are Rajesh Hamal and Nikhil Upreti. Action oriented movies go well with Bhatta. According to a report on the Naya Patrika daily, Biraj Bhatta is the highest paid actor today with a price of Rs 325,000, closely followed by Nikhil Upreti who charges Rs 300,000 per film. Rajesh Hamal comes third with Rs 275,000.

Some of his movies posted in the blog are:

Biography of Biraj Bhatt:

An interview with Biraj and some more details on Biraj Bhatta follows:

Director Rishi Lamichane says that Biraj is the actor from number 1 to 9 and the other actors’ rank starts from number 10.

Rekha Thapa had introduced Biraj Bhatt in leading role in her movie. After being featured in three of Rekha’s films, he became fed up of Rekha. Before being featured in leading role in Rekha’s film, Biraj was struggling in side role for about a decade. He was a dancer and used to be featured in short roles. For the first time, he was featured in ‘Agnipath’ (watch ‘Agnipath’) and ‘Maidan’ (Watch Maidan). Nikhil Upreti was the leading actor in ‘Agnipath’ and Rajesh Hamal was the leading actor in ‘Maidan’.

(Update:) The cover of the ‘Khukuri’ VCD has mentioned that it was the first movie of Biraj Bhatt. (Watch ‘Khukuri’ here). It seems, there is a confusion in the start of shooting and the release date.

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