Nepali movie – Mard

mard nepali movieNepali movie – Marda (Dubbed from Bhojpuri movie ‘Mard Tangewala’)
StarringBiraj Bhatt, Kajal Ragwani, Anjana Singh, Dipak Bhatiya etc.
Director – Bali

About ‘Mard’

A presentation of RR Films Production, Nepali movie ‘Marda’ is dubbed from Bhojpuri language movie by Rojan Shrestha. The movie is made on the story of Bali, the director. The music composer of the original movie is Shyam Dehati. The choreographers are Bali and Narendra Sharma. Apart from Biraj Bhatt other artists in the movie are Indian.

Watch ‘Marda’ full Nepali movie:

Credit – Songs Nepal

Poster of ‘Mard Tangewala’

mard tangewala poster 2

Biography of Biraj Bhatt and the movies posted in xnepali featuring Biraj Bhatt

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