Nepali Movie – Mero Valentine (#ValentineDay special)

Nepali Movie – Mero Valentine
StarringBaboo Bogati, Nisha Adhikari, Susmita Dhakal, Swotarntra Pratap Shah, Rashmi Bhatta, Bhawana Parjuli etc.
Director: Suraj Subba Nalbo

A presentation of Sushil Shrestha for Soft Image Entertainment, Nepali movie ‘Mero Valentine’ is a love story movie. Singer Sugam Pokharel is also featured in a friendly appearance in the movie. The child artist in the movie is Arya Shrestha. Although the movie is named after Valentine Day, the movie was released in theater on August 1, 2014.

Watch the full movie in a single part:

Video credit – Highlights Nepal

Before the release of the movie, Nisha Adhikari told that the editing is excellent (read the 2014 report).

Star Cast:

Nisha Adhikari – One of the talented new age actress in Nepali movie industry, Nisha is also the first Nepali actress to scale Mt. Everest. Nisha, was trained in film making in the USA and is planning to direct movies in near future. She has directed a music video recently.

Baboo Bogati – The popular singer Baboo Bogati is also a well known actor in Nepali film industry. Baboo is featured in including ‘Saayad’ and ‘Biteka Pal’. (Watch ‘Saayad’ here and ‘Watch ‘Biteka Pal’ here)

Suraj Subba Nalbo – The director of this movie, Suraj Subba Nalbo, is known as a good director in Nepali film industry. Suraj’s movies ‘Bato Muniko Phool’ and ‘Saayad’ were super hit movies. (Watch ‘Bato Muniko Phool’)

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