Nisha Adhikari talks Mero Valentine

In the announcement of the release of upcoming movie, ‘Mero Valentine’ actress Nisha Adhikari explains why the movie is bound to be successful. She was talking in a press meet program held on July 22.

Nisha’s address video:

In the address to the journalists Nisha told that this movie has given a feeling that it would be as successful as her previous movie ‘First Love’. Nisha told she editors have ruthlessly removed the unnecessary scenes. Nisha compared the movie with ‘Soongava’ in which only the appropriate scenes were included in the movie. The film team had also taken extra footage to add for making some of the scenes interesting.

Nisha told that working with the director Suraj Subba ‘Nalbo’ was a very good experience. The movie was shot two years ago but the release date has recently been confirmed to be on Shrawan 16.

mero valentine film annoucnment

In the program the producer of the movie Sushil Shrestha told that the release wad delayed because of technical problem. Except Nisha, other artists and the director weren’t present in the press meet. Director Suraj Subba is currently in Israel. The artists Babu Bogati, Swatantra Pratap Shah and Sushmita Dhakal were also not in Kathmandu on that date.

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