Nepali Movie – Patachara

Nepali Movie – Patachara
StarringMelina Manandhar, Karma (Mahesh Shakya), Madandas Shrestha, Laxmi Giri etc.
Director – Ramkrishna Khadgi

The movie ‘Patachara’ is a movie based in a folk story based on Buddhist jataka stories. This is a story of the only daughter of a merchant, Dandas, living in Shrawasti. Being rich, Dandas could afford every luxury hid daughter desires. Although Dandas did everything to fulfill every desire of his daughter, she fells in love with Hisilani, a poor servant.

The movie originally made in Newari was dubbed in Nepali. The Nepali version of the movie was a hit movie of 2010 celebrating 51 days in theater. The movie produced by Guna Cinema theater was screened only in that theater.

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