Nisha Adhikari and Sharad Vesawkar, the new couple in town

Nepali cricket player Sharad Vesawkar is the the talk of the town for his relationship with the actress Nisha Adhikari. These days, they are usually seen together in public functions. That is not all, Nisha even showed off a love-bite in a public function.

nisha- adhikari and shard veswakar

Vesawkar has told that he had known Nisha for the last 10 years and they are good friends. He says, their nearness is because of the friendship. Sharad also added, he likes Nepali movies and asked not to make up stories of his relationship with Nisha. Nisha hasn’t talked about Sharad yet.

Nisha and Sharad were together to see movie ‘Fitkiree’ in its premier show in City Center. They also arrived together in the premier show of ‘Mukhauta’ at Kumari theater. During T-20 World Cup, Nisha had also campaigned in support of Nepali team in Facebook. She used to update every news about Vesawkar at that time. The couple were also together in the program featuring Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.

We wish these “good friends” a long and steady relationship.

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