Nepali Movie – Safar

Nepali Movie – Safar
Starring – Manan Sapkota, Sanjay Gupta, Shibir Pokharelm Nurja Shrestha etc.
Director – Ashish Shrestha

About ‘Safar’

A Nepali movie featuring three friends in a travel in the USA is shot entirely in the USA. The movie features all new actors in the film industry. The movie released in September of 2016 was not liked by the viewers. But, there are people who like the movie very much. The movie features a good cinematography, screenplay and dialogue.

Watch the full movie:

Credit – Nepalfilx

Star Cast of ‘Safar’

All the artists in the movie are new actors. One actor, Sanjay Gupta is a journalist seen in a number of TV program. Sanjay Gupta had gone to the USA for the shooting of the movie. All other artists live in the USA.

Viewers response:

– The story is very slow. If it were a web series, it would have been very successful. The movie is not as exciting as expected. One of the good thing about the movie is the beautiful scenes in it.

– Very good ending.

– Very good movie.

– OMG, it is a dami movie. I really really like it.

– At the film hall, when it was released in Dashain, the hall was almost empty at after the half-time. People didn’t like it then.

– A very good story movie but, it doesn’t have all the masala required for entertainment.

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Poster of the movie:

One thought on “Nepali Movie – Safar

  1. We enjoyed and liked the movie very much. It was very intersting , lovely scenes and the actings of the new actors. Yes, the general people did not like such movie because they want full of masalas like fighting, songs etc. But, we love the movie. Thanks to the Director, producer and the actors.

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