Nepali Movie – Sanghuro

Nepali Movie – Sanghuro
StarringDiya Maskey, Sushanka Mainali, Dayahang Rai, Aruna Karki etc.
Director – Joes Pandey

Watch Nepali movie ‘Sanguro’ in a single part:

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About ‘Sanghuro’

The movie ‘Sanghuro’ was released in theater in 2013. The movie made on sex phycology theme was appreciated by the critics for its presentation and the story. The movie produced by Samir Mainali is made on the story of Binod Poudel. The music composer is Madan Gopal and the cinematographe ris Susan Prajapati.

‘Sanguro’ was the first Nepali movie to be screen in Channel 4, or any other major international television channels.

‘Sanghuro’ had won Special Jury Award to the director Joes Pandey. The movie was also the second in the Best Feature Film category.

‘Sanghuro’ Star Cast

The movie features Sashanka Mainali with actress Diya Maskey in leading role. Another most notable actors in the movie is Dayahang Rai. Dayahang is considered one of the best actors of the current time.

Both Sashanka Mainali and Diya Maskey have theatrical background and are known for their acting skills.

‘Sanghuro’ poster


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