Nepali Movie – Sasu Nanda Bhauju (2010)

Nepali Movie – Sasu Nanda Bhauju (2010)
StarringGarima Pant, Kalyan Ghimre, Ramesh Agrawal, Laxmi Giri, Bijay Kharee etc.
Director – Satya Narayan Kayal

About ‘Sasu Nanda Bhauju’

The Nepali movie ‘Sasu Nanda Bhauju’ is a social drama movie by Jayamatadi Films Production released in 2010. The movie featruing actress Garima Panta in leading role features the music of Manohar Sonam and Dhurbjit Gogain, Background music by Dinesh Sonam, action of Rajendra Khadgi and is produced by the director Satya Narayan Kayal himself. Playback singers are Rajesh Payal Rai, Jagadish Samal, Laxman Sesh, Dinesh Gautam, Pratima Sonam, Rewati Rai, and Tika Prasai. The lyrics of the songs are written by Sanju Amatya, and editing by Parash Kharel and Badri Lamechane. Choreography by Bhuwan Shrestha, cinematography by Ram Shankar Pradhan and the action by Shankhar Maharjan and Bikash Shrestha.

It seems, the movie is dubbed from Bhojpuri movie titled ‘Saas Nanad Bhaujai’.

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Star cast of ‘Sasu Nanda Bhauju’

The leading actress, Garima Pant became popular after she won the SAARC Film festival award for her role in the movie ‘Jhola’. After that, she won the national award and other appreciation. After the height of her popularity, Garima married a NRN and has left the film industry. Other artists in the movie include Laxmi Giri, Kalyan Ghimre, Ramesh Agrawal, Bijay Kher, Sunil Saranga, Gita Ghimire, Ajit Kumar, Asha Poudel, and Anita Saraf.

Poster of ‘Sasu Nanda Bhauju’

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