Garima Panta donates 700k to schools, as promised

Actress Garima Panta has donated Rs. 700,000 to create a fund for the scholarship of the talented and poor students in two of the schools in her birthplace. She donated Rs. 3,50,000 to Shree Mitratata HS School, the school she studied in her childhood. She also donated the equal amount to Shree Marsyangdi Samudayak School, located in village development committee she was born in.

Who is Garima Panta?

Nepali actress Garima Panta is known for being a down-to-earth and easy going actress in the film industry. She has however left the country and the film industry to live with her husband in Belgium.

When Garima was awarded the National Award, actress Rekha Thapa had told that Garima was a bad actress. In response, Garima had admitted that she was a bad actress and will improve in coming days.
Garima Panta.

Garima is better known for:

  • Best Actress Award of SAARC Film Festival 2014
  • National Film Award 2014 winner
  • ‘Jhola’, Sundar Mero Naam, Parai, Sasu Nanda Bhauju, Thuli, Sasu Sarura, Phool, Pritiko Phool, Jiwan Mrityu, Bhaihalchha ni etc. films actress

Garima had returned back to Nepal after one and a half years. There is no information if she will leave the movie industry or will work in good movies if offered. But, as she is running a restaurant, I don’t think there is such a possibility.

In these days in Nepal, Garima has chosen to distance herself from the media. This fact is also an indication that she has no intention to be involved in the film industry.

The marriage of Garima’s husband Hari Sharma to Garima was the second marriage. Hari had divorced first wife a lady of Chinese origin after he met Garima.

Movies of Garima Panta:

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