Nepali Movie – Mukhauta (Saugat Malla, Rajesh Hamal, Dayahang Rai)

Nepali Movie – Mukhauta
Starring – Rajesh Hamal, Sunil Thapa, Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Robin Tamang, Nisha Adhikari, Harshika Shrestha, Prashant Tamrakar, Arpan Thapa etc.
Director – Arpan Thapa

About ‘Mukhauta’

Being a multi-starrer, the movie was highly awaited. But, the wait resulted in higher expectation – more than what the film had to offer. So the most awaited, gangster/crime themed movie wasn’t successful in the box office. The movie tells the story of the underground mafia operating in Kathmandu. Because of violence and vulgar dialogues, the movie was given an ‘A’ certificate. The grading is given to films only suitable for the audience aged 16 years or older.

I wrote about the movie previously – ‘Mukhauta’ was released on June 13, 2014. The reason movie didn’t get the viewers as expected was attributed to various factors. The world cup football game was running at the time of the release – so, the film makers had also blamed the game for the failure of the movie. ‘Mukhauta’ producer Rabin Shrestha had recently announced the start of the production of the sequel of the movie titled ‘Mukhauta 2’. I had appreciated the participation of Harshika Shrestha in the premier of the movie in spite of her broken leg. The affair between Nisha Adhikari and cricketer Sharad Veshwakar became more apparent when they were seen together at the premier of the movie. This is the debut movie of the director Arpan Thapa as an actor.

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Kabaddi wins NFDC Film Awards (full list of winners)

Aryan and Priyanka become the best actors

The 3rd edition of NFDC Film Award ceremony was held in Kathmandu on September 12 at Hotel Hayat in Boudha. TIn the ceremony ‘Kabaddi’ was awarded the best movie of the year 2071. Actor Aryan Sigdel was awarded the best actor for his role in ‘November Rain’ and actress Priyanka Karki was awarded the Best actress for her role in ‘Suntali’.

[Watch ‘Kabaddi’ here and watch ‘November Rain’ here. ]

priyanka Karki nfdc award

The best director award was handed over to the director of ‘Kabaddi’, Ram Babu Gurung. The full list of winners is as follows:

  • Best Movie – Kabaddi
  • Best Director – Ram Babu Gurung (Kabaddi)
  • Best Actor in lead role – Aryan Sigdel (November Rain)
  • Best Actress in lead role – Priyanka Karki (Suntali)
  • Best Supporting Actor – Anup Bikram Shahi (Hasiya)
  • Best New Actor (Male) – Sanjog Koirala (Utsav)
  • Best New Actor (Female) – Ashma DC (Aavash)
  • Best Script – Chetan Gurung (November Rain)
  • Best Cinematography – Shailendra Dhoj Karki (Jerryy)
  • Best Editing – Surendra Poudel (Aavash)
  • Best Action – Tarakumar Upreti (Hasiya)
  • Best Music – Taraprakash Limbu (November Rain)
  • Best Choreography – Kabiraj Gahatraj (Hawaldar Suntali)
  • Best Backgroun Music – Ramji Lamichhana (Tathastu)
  • Best Sound – Uttam Neupane (Mukhauta)
  • Kusume Ruma Commercial Success – Kohinoor
  • MaHa Jury Award – Sudeep Singh Bhusal (Mala)
  • Puskar Film Journalism Award – Bijaya Ratna Tuladhar

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Mukhauta sequel announced in spite of the movie’s failure in theater

‘Mukhauta’ producer Rabin Shrestha has announced the sequel of the movie ‘Mukhauta 2’. Althought the movie released on June 13 couldn’t win the hearts of the viewers, Reef Entertainment has decided to make the sequel.

Based on the publicity and presence of well known actors in the movie, the movie was considered one of the most awaited movie. But, low turn in of the viewers in the theater came as a surprise. Negative reviews added in the failure of the movie.

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Nisha Adhikari and Sharad Vesawkar, the new couple in town

Nepali cricket player Sharad Vesawkar is the the talk of the town for his relationship with the actress Nisha Adhikari. These days, they are usually seen together in public functions. That is not all, Nisha even showed off a love-bite in a public function.

Vesawkar has told that he had known Nisha for the last 10 years and they are good friends. He says, their nearness is because of the friendship. Sharad also added, he likes Nepali movies and asked not to make up stories of his relationship with Nisha. Nisha hasn’t talked about Sharad yet.

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Harshika Shrestha participated in Mukhauta premier in spite of broken leg

Although actress Harshika Shrestha was injured during a shooting, and has a cast on one of her feet, she went to watch her movie ‘Mukhauta’ in the premier show held at Kumari hall on Thursday. Harshika was appreciated for the role she did in the movie.

Harishika broke her leg while shooting a movie named ‘Khatarnak’. The doctor had asked her to take a 3-weeks-long bed rest. Multi starrer movie ‘Mukauta’ also features Nisha Adhikari and a score of the top actors of Nepali film industry.

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Bad timing of ‘Mukhauta’ release, World Cup stole the charm

Multi-starrer, huge publicity, big red-carpet premier – all these things didn’t help viewers to go to the theater to watch the movie ‘Mukhauta’. One of the most plausible reason – the date of the release and the start of once-in-four-years, FIFA World Cup happened at the same time.

The movie release date’s two weeks delay has been bad omen for the movie. In a report, the first day of release occupancy was only 30 percent. The reason a movie featuring well known artists like , Rabin Tamang, Sunil Thapa, Nisha Adhikari wasn’t attractive to the audience might be more than just the World Cup.

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Friday Release, Mukahuta

On Friday, June 13 Nepali movie ‘Mukhauta’ is releasing in theater. The multi starrer gangster crime movie is written and directed by Arpan Thapa. The movie features , Dayahang Rai, Saugat Malla, Sunil Thapa, Rabin Tamang, Prashant Tamrakar, Nisha Adhikari, Harshika Shrestha, and Arpan Thapa.

The movie had been widely promoted and a red carpet premier of the movie was held in Kumari theater on Thursday. In the premier sponsored by Tata motors huge crowd was present to watch the movie. In the premier Arpan Thapa, Nisha Adhikari, Rabin Tamang, and Saugat Malla were present.

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Mukhauta audio launch, Nisha Adhikari defends use of foul language in movies

The audio of upcoming movie ‘Mukhauta’ was launched in a press meet organized by the film makers in Kathmandu. The movie scheduled to release on May 30 (Jestha 16) is a story of city dwellers. A directorial debut of Arpan Thapa featuring well known actors is expected to be successful in winning the hearts of the audience.

Press meet video and the question about foul language in trailer:

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Miss Nepal stage and Nisha Adhikari, hide and seek game comes to the end in 2014

Follow Miss Nepal in our Fashion Blog.

Actress Nisha Adhikari had been chasing Miss Nepal since 2008 and finally in 2014 she is going to appear in the contest’s stage for the first time. She is going to go on Miss Nepal 2014 stage to promote her upcoming movie ‘Mukhauta’.

In 2008 Nisha was one of the finalist. She participated and completed the training but at the last minute the contest got canceled.

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First look poster of Mukhauta released on Nepali New Year Eve (video)

On the occasion of the Nepali New Year, the first look poster of Arpan Thapa‘s debut movie as director, ‘Mukhauta’ was released in a program held in Kathmandu.

‘Mukhauta’ features well known actors like , Nisha Adhikari, Saugat Malla, Arpan Thapa, Harshika Shrestha, Prasant Tamrakar, Dayahang Rai, Robin Tamang, and Sunil Thapa in main roles.  The movie made under the banner of Reef Entertainment is produced by Rabin Shrestha. Rabin had studied film studies in Singapore and is running a restaurant in Kathmandu. Although Rabin had worked as a cameraman in ‘Mokshya’ he has only sung songs in his own production.

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Mukhauta first look released on the new year day

Wishing everybody "a joyous and a prosperous new year 2014," the ‘Mukhauta’ team has released the first look poster of the movie. One of the posters asks everyone to "Join hands in bidding farewell to another memorable and successful year 2013."

‘Mukhauta’ is directed by Arpan Thapa and features himself and actress Nisha Adhikari in the leading roles. The poster features cartoon faces of the two actors.

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