No Smoking in dubbing, featuring Jharana, Mahima and Sushil Pokharel

The second movie of the journalist Suman Dahal as the director, ‘No Smoking’ is currently in dubbing stage. The movie made on the bad stuffs in the society teaches youth in their social responsibility. The dubbing of the movie is currently going in Red Studio. According to the director the dubbing, coloring and background music is undergoing at the same time.

The movie featuring Jharana Thapa, Ramesh Budhathoki, Sushil Pokharel, Mahima Silwal, Dinesh Devkota, Amrita Pandey and Bidhya Karki in main roles. The release date of the movie is not known now.

mahima silwal dubbing in no smoking

Photo – Actress Mahima Silwal dubbing of ‘No Smoking’.

‘No Smoking’ is made under Khairawad Movie Maker and is presented by Murari Pokharel. Produced by Basanta Kafle, the movie features cinematography of Divay Subedi and cinematography of Raju Shah, Kabiraj Gahatraj and Bikash Ghale. The movie features action of Himal KC, music of Tanka Budhathoki and is written jointly by Saroj Pyakurel, Amol Sharma and Shankar Ghayal. The editing is done by Narayan Pandey and the color combination by Renash Fago. 

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