Bindaas 3 shooting starts, another team up of Raju Giri and Suvekshya Thapa

The chemistry between the director Raju Giri and actress/producer Suvekshya Thapa has has been quite good these days. After making ‘Tiger the Real Hero’, these two had teamed up in the production of ‘Makmali’. And now, it is the hot ‘Bindaas’ sequel ‘Bindaas 3’ even before the completion of the shooting of ‘Makhamali’.

bindaas 3 shooting (1)

Raju had directed previous two sequels of ‘Bindaas’ but Suvekshya wasn’t involved in any of them. Now, Suvekshya seem to be featured in place of the hot actress of previous sequels, Sushma Karki. (click to watch ‘Bindaas’ and watch ‘Bindaas 2’) In the movie, Suvekshya will romance with Ashok Phuyal. Other actors in the movie include Sudan Dhital, Dinesh Shahi and Sandip Sapkota.

The shooting of ‘Bindaas 3’ is going on in Nepalgunj area. The movie is scheduled to be shot in locations in Karnali, Mahendranagar, Chitwan, Pokhara, Charikot and Kathmandu area. The movie to be made on the love story of the young people will feature the music of Arjun Pokharel.

In the last days of 2014, Sushma Karki was told to be featured in the third sequel of the movie. But, a month later, Sushma admitted that hot and sex-themed movies had ruined her career (read Sushma’s report in nepaliactress). That was a clear indication that she is out of the third sequel.

There are also rumors of affair between Raju Giri and Suvekshya Thapa.

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