One leg is enough for Roma Neupane

roma_neupane Roma Neupane from Ithari, Nepal lived with “double discrimination; first, as woman and second, as a handicapped person". Now, she has learned to stand on her own foot (a single foot), dance on it, and fight against discrimination. Yes, one leg is enough for Roma these days.

Roma lost her left leg at the age of 8 on a road accident. Dancing was her passion and the lost leg couldn’t stop her. She practiced and took training (1 month long) and danced in many stage programs on her single leg.

That is not all – she learned knitting, sewing and computing (here is the proof). She has established a NGO dedicated for the disabled, she is interested in politics and wants to be a successful leader.

Some five years back in August of 2004 an Israeli ambassador Dan Ben- Eliezer who was impressed by Roma’s dance helped Roma to visit Israel and have an artificial leg.

I wrote about Narsingh Bhandari Magar a few days back. One leg is enough for Narsingh too. He didn’t go to school, didn’t take dance lessons, he doesn’t have a website, but he also dances, supports his family and entertain his fellow villagers. Narsingh and Roma, both handicapped with one missing leg, are successful in their own ways. One has excelled in his village life and other has learned and prepared herself to live in an urban area.

The life stories of these strong people give courage to the people with disabilities to seek their not-so-disabled inner being and fulfill ambition of their lives. All we need to do is support them and give our selfless love.

Let’s see some of her dances (Can you believe she is one-legged?):



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