Palpasa Dangol Chamsuri kidney failure, hospitalized

The popular comedy actress of ‘Meri Bassai’ serial, popularly known as Chamsuri is sick and is being treated in Teaching Hospital Maharajgunj, Kathmandu.

According to report, both of her kidney have stopped working. Previously she was being treated for kidney problem. Now, they have stopped working and she is pleading for help in transplant.

Who is Palpasa Dangol?

Palpasa was taking dance lesson in 1995 when she knew about the beauty contest Miss Nepal. She applied and she was selected to participate in the contest. Miss Nepal 1995 turned out to be life changing moment for Palpasa Dangol. Although she didn’t win the title, she was awarded Best Dress award and she was one of the Top 5 contestants of the contest. After the contest, she became active in dance and acting.

Palpasa was the dancer of MaHa comedy team. They used to travel places for program and Palpasa helped by being dancer. Later she was also associated with Daman Rupakheti. Daman introduced her as Chamsuri in Meri Bassai.

At that time she had recently given birth to her daughter. After a month of delivery she had started acting in the serial. The serial proved to be a hit comedy serial and she became popular all over the world among Nepali communities. She has acted and directed tv serials. She is also a dance teacher.

I wish Palpasa speedy recovery and return in the entertainment business soon.

Here are some photos of Palpasa:

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