Nepali Comedy – Jastalai Testai Dhidalai Nistai

Nepali Comedy – Jastalai Testai Dhidalai Nistai
StarringSurbir Pandit, Palpasa Dangol, Kunjana Ghimire, Deviram Parajuli, Nirmala Khadka, Kamal Gaunle, Raju Giri, Shyam Karki etc.
Director – RBK Sharad

A presentation of Nonstop Creation, Nepali comedy ‘Jastalai Testai Dhidalai Nistai’ is a presentation of Sharad and Raju Giri. The comedy presents top comedy actors including Dari Baa (Surbir), Chamsuri (Palpasa), Suntali (Kunjana), Bhok Lagyo (Deviram), Nirmali, Balaram (Kamal Gaunle), Kukhure (Raju Giri), Ghoda (Shyam) and other artists. The script of the comedy is written by Shivam Adhikari, cinematography by Bishnu Chalise, editing by Jiwan Tandan. The program production team has thanked director Narayan Puri, Hari Bansha Acharya and Santosh Pant for their help in the production.  Note: The background song of the dance of Deviram and Kunjana is not available.

The movie is not available now. Please visit this page for other latest Nepali movies.

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