Pathivara Devi – a holy shrine in Taplejung

On the occasion of Vijaya Dahshami we are posting photos of Pathivara Devi in Taplejung.

The temple of Pathivara Devi is located at a height of 12,448 ft, on the Northern side of Taplejung district. The highest hill of Taplejung District where the holy shrine is located is one of the attractions for the tourists in the district.


Nepal government had also issued a stamp in in 2002 in recognition of the significance of the temple.

Apart from Pathivara, Taplejung is also popular for being home to the world’s third highest peak, Kanchenjunga peak.

The local believe that the statue had appeared out of nowhere in the place.

People from all over Nepal come to worship a big statue of the Shree Bhavani goddess in the temple. Both Hindu and Buddhist people show their respect to the temple.

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  1. If you believe in God one should worship this place. When you reach the place after walking for five hours through rocks and ice you will fill complete peace of mind and also people say your dreams will be fulfilled.

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