Happy Vijaya Dashami 2069

The biggest festival of Nepal, Dashain festival has started from Tuesday October 16, 2012 and it will run till October 29. The government offices close from Saturday October 20 and open on October 25. They will again close of the last day of Dashain, October 29.

The first day is marked by sowing seed for ‘Jamara’, young plants of corn or barley to be worn on the tenth day of Dashain, Vijaya Dashami on October 24.

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Pathivara Devi – a holy shrine in Taplejung

On the occasion of Vijaya Dahshami we are posting photos of Pathivara Devi in Taplejung.

The temple of Pathivara Devi is located at a height of 12,448 ft, on the Northern side of Taplejung district. The highest hill of Taplejung District where the holy shrine is located is one of the attractions for the tourists in the district.


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