Pooja Sharma met ex-king Gyanendra and Himani Shah

Actress Pooja Sharma has shared photos of herself meeting the ex-king and ex-princess Himani Shah. In instagram she has shared photos and her thoughts on the meeting.

Himani and Pooja both look beautiful in the following post shared by Pooja Sharma.

Here is the photo of Pooja with Gyanendra Shah:

She also shared a couple of photos with Himani Shah. She has told that it was a proud moment of hers to meet the ex-princess.

She writes, “Love her. former crown princess of nepal himani shah. Proud moment.”

Himani Shah is considered one of the most attractive woman in Nepal. Married to then prince Paras Shah in 2000, Himani is the mother of three children. Himani’s eldest daughter Purnika Shah is 19 years. She has a brother Hridayandra Shah and a sister Kritika Shah. Himani’s relationship with Paras has turned sour after he left Nepal to live in Thailand with a Thai girlfriend. Even after he left the girlfriend and returned home in 2015, the relationship between the two hasn’t improved in the past 4 years. These days, Paras is seen with Sonica Rokaya, a model, YouTuber. The videos of Paras and Sonica went viral when the news was released last month.

Please comment on the ex-royal family meeting general public and posing for selfies with them. It it a strategy of the ex-royal family to get popular or something else.

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