Miss Nepal Anushka Shrestha introduction video for Miss World 2019

Miss Nepal Anushka Shrestha has prepared an attractive video to introduce herself in the Miss World 2019 competition. In the competition to be held on December 14, Anushka will represent Nepal.

The video has received positive response from viewers. I have made a video report on the video:

Anushka met with the prime minister, KP Sharma Oli and wrote:

This morning I had the honor of meeting Prime Minister of our country, KP Sharma Oli. What a confident, humble, learned individual! Had the opportunity to get blessings and talk about putting up a stellar national representation at the Miss World stage this year as well!

It is humbling to see our national leaders take time to share their words of wisdom. Thankyou very much Gauree aunti for making this happen💙

Absolutely charged with positive energy and drive to raise the flag of Nepal high as I leave for MW 2019 in 10 days!

She also met with Kulman Ghising – an exemplary person who was instrumental in bringing lights to the livelihood of Nepali people. Anushka wrote:

What an honor meeting the legendary Kul Man Ghising sir! Under his leadership, the country that was suffering from uo to 18 hours of power cuts daily, is now loadshedding free. A living legend, embodiment of leadership, persistence and work ethic.
To anyone who says Nepal ma kei huna sakdaina, Nepal yestai ho, hernus hajur, aat gare ra lagan sath kaam gare k matra sambhav chaina ra.

Had the opportunity to discuss the current status of electricity production and distribution in Nepal, how promoting electronic alternatives for daily consumption from vehicles to heating systems in our homes especially kitchens IS the way forward. Definitely looking forward to doing my bit using the platform of Miss Nepal World to assist in this national movement,which also has an overriding global impact.

Here is the introduction video:

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