Anushka Shrestha : Miss World 2019 journey starts in London, UK

Miss Nepal has reached the Miss World 2019 venue – London, UK. She has already started her journey by receiving the batch of Nepal. She is placed in Green group.

The first major event in the contest will be Head to Head challenge competition. Anushka has participated in a draw to choose her group in the competition. The contestants in her H2H group are:

  • Miss Mexico – Ashley Alvídrez
  • Miss Nepal – Anushka Shrestha
  • Miss Gibraltar – Celine Bolaños
  • Miss Tanzania – Sylvia Sebastian
  • Miss Cayman Islands – Jaci Patrick
  • Miss Poland – Milena Sadowska

Last year, Miss Mexico had won the Miss World title. Although they are different people, the reigning Miss World should have trained the new one to excel in all the competitions held in the competition.

Nepal needs to prepare for that. Head To Head Challenge is question and answer competition about their work and their introduction videos. Questions are asked on the issue they raise in their introduction video.

Another challenge for this year’s competition is weather. It would be pretty cold in in December. London is known for harsh weather at this time of the year. In the first day, the contestants were seen wearing jacket over their dress. The organizers should minimize the outdoor things in the competition.

It is a good thing that Anushka’s video has crossed 1 million views in a week of its release in a new channel. That would mean a lot in her popularity and her acceptance by a wider audience. There is a huge craze about the competition in Nepal and it would surely show. Last year’s Shrinkhala’s performance and support was noticed by the world. The app developer had to tweak the app Mobstar to cope with the more than expected traffic from Nepal.